Submissions from 2022

Development of the Reporting Essentials for DElirium bioMarker Studies (REDEEMS) guideline, Ingrid Amgarth-Duff, Annmarie Hosie, Gideon Caplan, and Meera Agar

The impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of care by Australian primary health care nurses, Christine Ashley, Elizabeth Halcomb, Sharon James, Kaara Calma, Catherine Stephen, Susan McInnes, Ruth Mursa, and Anna Williams

Employing cognitive interviewing to evaluate, improve and validate items for measuring the health-related quality of life of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Sharolin Ann Boban, Caroline Bulsara, Jim Codde, Paul A. Cohen, and Jenny Downs


Navigating midwifery solidarity: A feminist participatory action research framework, Kate Buchanan, Elizabeth Newnham, Sadie Geraghty, and Lisa Whitehead


Care ethics framework for midwifery practice: A scoping review, Kate Buchanan, Elizabeth Newnham, Deborah Ireson, Clare Davison, and Sadie Geraghty

The lived experience of multiple sclerosis: Patient insights to guide general practitioner care, Therese Burke, Rohan Greenland, Erin Brady, and Julia Morahan


Cognitive Continuum Theory: Can it contribute to the examination of confidentiality and risk-actuated disclosure decisions of nurses practising in mental health?, Darren Conlon, Toby Raeburn, and Timothy Wand


Ars Moriendi: An overview of approaches to the art of dying, grief and loss for nurses working in mental health, Meagan G.A. Dickerson, Darren Conlon, and Toby Raeburn


Stakeholder perspectives of a pilot multicomponent delirium prevention intervention for adult patients with advanced cancer in palliative care units: A behaviour change theory-based qualitative study, Anna Green, Annmarie Hosie, Jane L. Phillips, Slavica Kochovska, Beverly Noble, Meg Brassil, Anne Cumming, Peter G. Lawlor, Shirley H. Bush, Jan M. Davis, Layla Edwards, Jane Hunt, Julie Wilcock, Carl Phillipson, Eugene Wesley Ely, Cynthia Parr, Melanie Lovell, and Meera Agar

Supportive care of patients diagnosed with high grade glioma and their carers in Australia, Georgia Halkett, Melissa Berg, Davina Daudu, H Dhillon, Eng-Siew Koh, Tamara Ownsworth, Elizabeth Lobb, Jane Pillips, Danette Langbecker, Meera Agar, Elizabeth Hovey, Rachael Moorin, and Anna Nowak

Comparison of 6-month outcomes of survivors of COVID-19 versus non–COVID-19 critical illness, Carol L. Hodgson, Alisa M. Higgins, Michael J. Bailey, Anne M. Mather, Lisa Beach, Rinaldo Bellomo, Bernie Bissett, Ianthe J. Boden, Scott Bradley, Aidan Burrell, D James Cooper, Bentley J. Fulcher, Kimberley J. Haines, Isabelle T. Hodgson, Jack Hopkins, Alice Y.M. Jones, Stuart Lane, Drew Lawrence, Lisa van der Lee, Jennifer Liacos, Natalie J. Linke, Lonni Marques Gomes, Marc Nickels, George Ntoumenopoulos, Paul S. Myles, Shane Patman, Michelle Paton, Gemma Pound, Sumeet Rai, Alana Rix, Thomas C. Rollinson, Claire J. Tipping, Peter Thomas, Tony Trapani, Andrew A. Udy, Christina Whitehead, Shannah Anderson, Ary Serpa Neto, and for the COVID-Recovery Study Investigators and the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group

Intensive care nurses perceptions on barriers impeding the provision of end of life care in the intensive care setting: a quantitative analysis, Laura Hynes, Tracey Coventry, and Kylie Russell


Using audio-visual simulation to elicit nursing students’ noticing and interpreting skills to assess pain in culturally diverse patients, Michelle A. Kelly, Susan Slatyer, Helen Myers, Shelley Gower, Jaci Mason, and Kathie Lasater

Cost-effectiveness of clinical interventions for delirium: A systematic literature review of economic evaluations, Irina Kinchin, Layla Edwards, Annmarie Hosie, Eileen Mitchell, and Dominic Trepel

Effect of cancer pain guideline implementation on pain outcomes among adult outpatients with cancer-related plain: A Stepped Wedge Cluster randomized trial, Melanie Lovell, jane L. Phillips, Tim Luckett, Lawrence Lam, Frances Boyle, Patricia M. Davidson, Seong Leang Cheah, Nicole McCaffrey, David Currow, T Shaw, Annmarie Hosie, Bogda Koczwara, Stephen Clarke, Jessica Lee, Martin Stockler, Caitlin Sheehan, Odette Spruijt, Katherine Allsopp, Alexandra Clinch, Katherine Clark, Alison Read, and Meera Agar

Patient and carer experiences of pain care in an Australian regional comprehensive cancer care setting: a qualitative study, Tim Luckett, Alison Read, Annmarie Hosie, Layla Edwards, Jane Phillips, Meera Agar, and Melanie Lovell

Research methodology in acupuncture and moxibustion for managing primary dysmenorrhea: A scoping review, Weiting Lui, Carol Chunfeng Wang, Khui Hung Lee, Xiaopeng Ma, and Timothy Leen Kang

International, multi-disciplinary, cross-section study of pain knowledge and attitudes in nursing, midwifery and allied health professions students, Jagjit Mankelow, Cormac G. Ryan, Paul C. Taylor, Maire-Brid Casey, Jenni Naisby, Kate Thompson, Joseph G. McVeigh, Chris Seenan, Kay Cooper, Paul Hendrick, Donna Brown, William Gibson, Mervyn Travers, Norelee Kennedy, Cliona O'Riordan, and Denis Martin

A mixed-methods pilot study exploring midwives’ job satisfaction: Is being of service to women the key?, Kim Oliver and Sadie Geraghty

Adherence to screening and management guidelines of maternal Group B Streptococcus colonization in pregnancy, Sabine Pangerl, Deborah Sundin, and Sadie Geraghty


Exploring barriers to domestic violence screening among culturally and linguistically diverse and migrant women in a regional midwifery setting, Priscilla Peters, Catherine Harding, Sandra Forde, Narelle Heckendorf, and Alexa Seal


Neurological patient and informal caregiver quality of life, and caregiver burden: A cross-sectional study of postdischarge community neurological nursing recipients, Judith Dianne Pugh, Kathleen McCoy, Anne M. Williams, Catherine A. Pienaar, Brenda Bentley, and Leanne Monterosso

Sustainability of evidence-based practices in the management of infants with bronchiolitis in hospital settings - a PREDICT study protocol, Victoria Ramsden, Franz E. Babl, Stuart R. Dalziel, Sandy Middleton, Ed Oakley, Libby Haskell, Anna Lithgow, Francesca Orsini, Rachel Schembri, Alexandra Wallace, Catherine L. Wilson, Elizabeth McInnes, Peter H. Wilson, and Emma Tavender

Review article: A primer for clinical researchers in the emergency department: Part XII. Sustainability of improvements in care: An introduction, Victoria Ramsden, Sandy Middleton, Elizabeth McInnes, Franz E. Babl, and Emma Tavender

Participant experiences of intervention to detect and manage familial hypercholesterolaemia in Australian general practice: A qualitative descriptive study, Rachel Skoss, Tom Brett, Caroline Bulsara, Jan Radford, Clare Heal, Gerard Gill, Charlotte Hespe, Cristian Vargas-Garcia, Ian W. Li, David R. Sullivan, Alistair W. Vickery, Jing Pang, Diane E. Arnold-Reed, and Gerald F. Watts

Effects of Tai Chi on the quality of life, mental wellbeing, and physical function of adults with chronic diseases: Protocol for a single-blind, two-armed, randomised controlled trial, Carol Chunfeng Wang, Johnny Lo, Sadie Geraghty, and Angela Wei Hong Yang

Measuring the gaps in drinking water quality and policy across regional and remote Australia, Paul R. Wyrwoll, Ana Manero, Katherine S. Taylor, Evie Rose, and Quentin Grafton

Submissions from 2021

Development of a professional practice competency for undergraduate nursing students: A mixed-method study, Chris Adams, Kylie Russell, and Tracey Coventry

Delirium researchers' perspectives of the challenges in delirium biomarker research: A qualitative study, Ingrid Amgarth-Duff, Annmarie Hosie, Gideon A. Caplan, and Meera Agar

Primary health care nurses' perceptions of risk during COVID-19: A qualitative study, Christine Ashley, Sharon James, Catherine Stephen, Ruth Mursa, Susan McInnes, Anna Williams, Kaara Calma, and Elizabeth Halcomb

The psychological well-being of primary healthcare nurses during COVID-19: A qualitative study, Christine Ashley, Sharon James, Anna Williams, Kaara Calma, Susan McInnes, Ruth Mursa, Catherine Stephen, and Elizabeth Halcomb

Differential effects of sex on longitudinal patterns of cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease, Megan C. Bakeberg, Anastazja M. Gorecki, Jade E. Kenna, Alexa Jefferson, Michelle Byrnes, Soumya Ghosh, Malcom K. Horne, Sarah McGregor, Rick Stell, Sue Walters, Paola Chivers, Samantha J. Winter, Frank L. Mastaglia, and Ryan S. Anderton


Effectiveness of online communication skills training for cancer and palliative care health professionals: A systematic review, Melissa N. Berg, Irene Ngune, Penelope Schofield, Lisa Grech, Ilona Juraskova, Michelle Strasser, Zoe Butt, and Georgia K.B Halkett

Delirium-related distress in the ICU: A qualitative meta-synthesis of patient and family perspectives and experiences, Leanne M. Boehm, Abigail C. Jones, Abeer A. Selim, Claudia Virdun, Cornelia F. Garrard, Rachel L. Walden, E Wesley Ely, and Annmarie Hosie

Reflecting on experiences of care: An exploratory qualitative descriptive study of the perspectives of stroke survivors, families and staff, Caroline Bulsara, Rosemary Saunders, Laura Emery, and Christopher Etherton-Beer


Confidence, interest and intentions of final-year nursing students regarding employment in general practice, Kaara Ray B. Calma, Susan McInnes, Elizabeth Halcomb, Anna Williams, and Marijka Batterham

Perceptions of care quality during an acute hospital stay for persons with dementia and family/carers, Lynette Chenoweth, Janet Cook, and Anna Williams

Examining the average scores of nursing teamwork subscales in an acute private medical ward, Martina Costello, Kylie Russell, and Tracey Coventry

Nurse Managers’ perceptions of mentoring in the multigenerational workplace: a qualitative descriptive study, Tracey Coventry and Anne-Maree Hays

The clinical nurse educator as a congruent leader: A mixed method study, Tracey Coventry and Kylie Russell

The experience of delirium in palliative care settings for patients, family, clinicians and volunteers: A qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis, Imogen Featherstone, Annmarie Hosie, Najma Siddiqi, Pamela Grassau, Shirley H. Bush, Johanna Taylor, Trevor Sheldon, and Miriam J. Johnson

Risk factors for delirium in adult patients receiving specialist palliative care: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Imogen Featherstone, Trevor Sheldon, Miriam J. Johnson, Rebecca Woodhouse, Jason W. Boland, Annmarie Hosie, Peter G. Lawlor, Gregor Russell, Shirley H. Bush, and Najma Siddiqi

Caregiver-mediated interventions to support self-regulation among infants and young children (0-5 years): A protocol for a realist review, Amy Finley-Jones, Jetro Emanel Ang, Elaine Bennett, Jenny Downs, Sally Kendall, Keerthi Kottampally, Sheila Krogh-Jespersen, Yi Huey Lim, Leigha A. MacNeill, Vincent Mancini, Rhonda Marriott, Helen Milroy, Monique Robinson, Justin D. Smith, Lauren S. Wakschlag, and Jeneva L. Ohan

Partnering with patients to design a prehabilitation program for optimizing the patient experience through general surgery, Jacqueline Francis-Coad, Dale Edgar, Caroline E. Bulsara, Alix Barrett-Lennard, Kristine Owen, David Fletcher, Fiona Wood, and Anne-Marie Hill

Methamphetamine in the family: Looking below the Iceberg, Douglas Greg Gordon, Kylie Russell, and Tracey Coventry


Infant removal from birth parents - how does health information impact court decisions? A scoping review, Rachel Gregory-Wilson, Liesel Spencer, Elizabeth Handsley, and Toby Raeburn

Older people's experiences of living with, responding to and managing sensory loss, I Ching Ho, Lynn Chenoweth, and Anna Williams


Clinicians' delirium treatment practice, practice change, and influences: A national online survey, Annmarie Hosie, Meera Agar, Gideon A. Caplan, Brian Draper, Stephen Hedger, Debra Rowett, Penny Tuffin, Seong Leang Cheah, Jane L. Phillips, Linda Brown, Manraaj Sidhu, and David C. Currow

Association of genetic variances in ADRB1 and PPARGC1a with two-kilometre running time-trial performance in Australian Football League players: A preliminary study, Ysabel Jacob, Ryan S. Anderton, Jodie L. Cochrane Wilkie, Brent Rogalski, Simon M. Laws, Anthony Jones, Tania Spiteri, and Nicolas H. Hart


Maternal social support, depression and emotional availability in early mother-infant interaction: Findings from a pregnancy cohort, Kelli K. MacMillan, Andrew J. Lewis, Stuart J. Watson, Declan Bourke, and Megan Galbally

Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the Fremantle Knee Awareness Questionnaire in Italian subjects with painful knee osteoarthritis, Marco Monticone, Cristiano Sconza, Igor Portoghese, Tomohiko Nishigami, Benedict Wand, Gregorio Sorrentino, Giulia Lemorini, Stefano Respizzi, Andrea Giordano, and Franco Franchignoni


Graduate nurse transition programs pivotal point of participants’ practice readiness questioned during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis: A scoping review, Kylie Russell and Dianne Juliff

Transition to practice: Supporting first year nurses within a collaborative faith based graduate program, Kylie P. Russell and Tracey H. Coventry

Nursing and Allied Health Staff Perceptions and Experiences of a Volunteer Stroke Peer Support Program: A Qualitative Study, Rosemary Saunders, Kien Chan, Renee M. Graham, Elena Adams, Caroline Bulsara, Karla Seaman, and Marcella Cranny-Connolly

Beds, overlays and mattresses for treating pressure ulcers, Chunhu Shi, Jo C. Dumville, Nicky Cullum, Sarah Rhodes, Asmara Jammali-Blasi, Victoria Ramsden, and Elizabeth McInnes

Undertaking the surgical count: An observational study, Victoria Ruth Warwick, Brigid M. Gillespie, Anne McMurray, and Karen Clark-Burg

Submissions from 2020


Toward best practice methods for delirium biomarker studies: An international modified Delphi study, Ingrid Amgarth-Duff, Annmarie Hosie, Gideon Caplan, and Meera Agar


Enhancing access to parenting services using digital technology supported practices, Elaine Bennett, Wendy Simpson, Cathrine Fowler, Ailsa Munns, and Jane Kohlhoff


Development and content validation of a questionnaire measuring patient empowerment in cancer follow-up, Nanna Bjerg Eskildsen, Lone Ross, Caroline Bulsara, Susanne Malchau Dietz, Thora Grothe Thomsen, Mogens Groenvold, Susanne S. Pedersen, Clara Rubner Jorgensen, and Anna Thit Johnsen

Unpacking agitation in practice: a call for greater precision, Thomas Fischer, Meera Agar, Annmarie Hosie, and Andy Teodorczuk

The experiences of primary healthcare nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, Elizabeth Halcomb, Susan McInnes, Anna Williams, Christine Ashley, Sharon James, Ritin Fernandez, Catherine Stephen, and Kaara Calma

The support needs of Australian primary health care nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth Halcomb, Anna Williams, Christine Ashley, Susan McInnes, Catherine Stephen, Kaara Calma, and Sharon James


Exploring enablers and barriers to accessing health services after a fall among people with intellectual disability, Portia Ho, Caroline Bulsara, Shane Patman, Jenny Downs, and Anne-Marie Hill


Older persons’ and their caregivers’ perspectives and experiences of research participation with impaired decision-making capacity: A scoping review, Annmarie Hosie, Slavica Kochovska, Nola Ries, Imelda Gilmore, Deborah Parker, Craig Sinclair, Caitlin Sheehan, Aileen Collier, Gideon A. Caplan, Mandy Visser, Xiaoyue Xu, Elizabeth Lobb, Linda Sheahan, Linda Brown, Wai Lee, Christine R. Sanderson, Ingrid Amgarth-Duff, Anna Green, Layla Edwards, and Meera R. Agar


Delirium point prevalence studies in inpatient settings: A systematic review, Binu Koirala, Bryan R. Hansen, Annmarie Hosie, Chakra Budhathoki, Stella Seal, Adam Beaman, and Patricia M. Davidson


Clinically significant depressive symptoms are prevalent in people with extremely short prognoses - A systematic review, Wei Lee, Marley Pulbrook, Caitlin Sheehan, Slavica Kochovska, Sungwon Chang, Annmarie Hosie, Elizabeth Lobb, Deborah Parker, Brian Draper, Meera R. Agar, and David Currow

Our global leadership mentoring experiences, Nada Lukkahatai and Kylie Russell


Bowel management post major joint arthroplasty: a randomised controlled trial to test two pre-admission bowel regimens, Gail Ross-Adjie, Alexis A. Cranfield, Piers J. Yates, and Leanne Monterosso

Where are all the graduates?, Kylie Russell and Tracey Coventry


Using a clinical deterioration scenario (video) as an approach for interprofessional learning, Kylie P. Russell, Heidi Waldron, Elina Tor, and Nick Waldron

Predictors of ceasing or reducing statin medication following a large increase in the consumer copayment for medications: A retrospective observational study, Karla Seaman, Frank M. Sanfilippo, Max Bulsara, Libby Roughead, Anna Kemp-Casey, Caroline Bulsara, Gerald F. Watts, and David Preen


Standardisation of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) prescription forms: A pre–post audit evaluation, Felicity Sim, Gail Ross-Adjie, and Leanne Monterosso

Exploring attitudes to conception in partners and young women with gynecologic cancers treated by fertility sparing surgery, Prue Standen, Paul Cohen, Yee Leung, Ganendra Raj Mohan, Stuart Salfinger, Jason Tan, and Caroline Bulsara

Submissions from 2019


The nursing history of Ngala since 1890: An early parenting organisation in Western Australia, Elaine Bennett, Selma Alliex, and Caroline Bulsara

Validity and reliability of Turkish Version the Family Inventory of Needs-Pediatric II: An inventory to identify care needs of parents of children with cancer, Handan Boztepe, Ayse Ay, and Leanne Monterosso

Exploring life history methodology in chronic illness: A study in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, Therese Burke and Joanna Patching


Effects of person-centered care at the organizational-level for people with dementia. A systematic review, Lynette Chenoweth, Jane Stein-Parbury, Samuel Lapkin, Alex Wang, Zhixin Liu, and Anna Williams


Father inclusive practice in a parenting and early childhood organisation: The development and analysis of a staff survey, Dawson Cooke, Elaine Bennett, Wendy Simpson, Keith Read, and Garth Kendall

"Can I use my phone on this ward?": Mobile technology use by graduate nurses, Lydia Dawe and Benjamin Hay

Manipulative dominant discoursing: Alarmist recruitment and perspective gatekeeping. A grounded theory, Debbie Garratt and Joanna Patching

Nurse-initiated acute stroke care in emergency departments, Sandy Middleton, Simeon Dale, N. Wah Cheung, Dominique A. Cadilhac, Jeremy M. Grimshaw, Chris Levi, Elizabeth McInnes, Julie Considine, Patrick McElduff, Richard Gerraty, Louise Eisten Craig, Verena Schadewaldt, Mark Fitzgerald, Clare Quinn, Greg Cadigan, Sonia Denisenko, Mark Longworth, Jeanette Ward, and Catherine D'Este


Systematic review and meta-analysis of patient reported outcomes for nurse-led models of survivorship care for adult cancer patients, Leanne Monterosso, Violet Platt, Max Bulsara, and Melissa Berg

Perioperative nurses' perceptions of cross-training: A qualitative descriptive study, Mellisa S. Platt, Tracey Coventry, and Leanne Monterosso


The art of clinical supervision program: Its impact on nurses attitudes towards nursing students, Kylie Russell, Selma Alliex, and Heather Gluyas

Innovations in postgraduate work integrated learning within the perioperative nursing environment: A mixed method review, Kylie P. Russell and Tracey Coventry


General practice physicians' and nurses' self- reported multidisciplinary end-of-life care: A systematic review, Hugh Senior, Matthew Grant, Joel J. Rhee, Michèle Aubin, Peta McVey, Claire Johnson, Leanne Monterosso, Harriet Nwachukwu, Julia Fallon-Ferguson, Patsy Yates, Briony Williams, and Geoffrey Mitchell


A qualitative evaluation of a Young Parents Program (YPP) - Parent and facilitator perspectives, Cecily Strange, Elaine Bennett, Maggie Tait, and Yvonne Hauck


Care After Lymphoma (CALy) trial: A phase II pilot pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led model of survivorship care, Karen Taylor, Paola Chivers, Caroline Bulsara, David Joske, Max Bulsara, and Leanne Monterosso

The patient, case, individual and environmental factors that impact on the surgical count process: An integrative review, Vicky Warwick, Brigid M. Gillespie, Anne McMurray, and Karen Clark-Burg

Submissions from 2018

Clinical handover of immediate post-operative patients: A literature review, Samantha Clarke, Karen G. Clark-Burg, and Elaine Pavlos


Addressing challenges in gaining informed consent for a research study investigating falls in people with intellectual disability, Portia Ho, Caroline Bulsara, Shane Patman, Jenny Downs, and Anne-Marie Hill


General practice palliative care: Patient and carer expectations, advance care plans and place of death-a systematic review, Claire V. Johnson, Peta McVey, Joel J. Rhee, Hugh Senior, Leanne Monterosso, Briony Williams, Julia Fallon-Ferguson, Matthew Grant, Harriet Nwachukwu, Michele Aubin, Patsy Yates, and Geoffrey Mitchell


Advance care planning documentation strategies; goals-of-care as an alternative to not-for-resuscitation in medical and oncology patients. A pre-post controlled study on quantifiable outcomes, David J.R Morgan, Derek Eng, Dominic Higgs, Maria Beilin, Caroline Bulsara, Milly Wong, Louise Angus, and Nicholas Waldron


Test-retest reliability of the Short Form Survivor Unmet Needs Survey, Karen Taylor, Max Bulsara, and Leanne Monterosso


Qualitative results from a phase II pilot randomised controlled trial of a lymphoma nurse-led model of survivorship care, Karen Taylor, Leanne Monterosso, and Caroline Bulsara

Submissions from 2017


The women's wellness after cancer program: a multisite, single-blinded, randomised controlled trial protocol, D Anderson, C Seib, D Tjondronegoro, J Turner, L Monterosso, A McGuire, J Porter-Steele, W Song, P Yates, N King, L Young, K White, K Lee, S Hall, M Krishnasamy, K Wells, S Balaam, and A McCarthy

Who am I as a nurse and leader?, T Coventry

Graduate nurses face frustration in gaining registered nurse experience, D Juliff


The essence of helping: Significant others and nurses in action draw men into nursing, D Juliff, Kylie P. Russell, and Caroline Bulsara


How older adults would like falls prevention information delivered: Fresh insights from a world cafe forum, Linda Khong, Caroline Bulsara, Keith D. Hill, and Anne-Marie Hill