Submissions from 2008

Improving the accuracy of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal disease notification rates using data linkage, Donna B. Mak and Rochelle E. Watkins

Fatigue in repeated-sprint exercise is related to muscle power factors and reduced neuromuscular activity, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Peter Hamer, and David Bishop


Fitness, motor competence and body composition as correlates of adolescent neck/shoulder pain: An exploratory cross-sectional study, Mark Perry, Leon Straker, Peter O'Sullivan, Anne Smith, and Beth P. Hands

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Chronic non-specific low back pain – sub-groups or a single mechanism?, Benedict M. Wand and Neil E. O'Connell

Submissions from 2007

Effect of iron injections on aerobic-exercise performance of iron-depleted female athletes, Peter Peeling, Tanya Blee, Carmel Goodman, Brian Dawson, Gary Claydon, John Beilby, and Alex Prins

Evidence for the ecological self: English speaking migrants' residual link to their homeland, Catherine Hall Ward and Irene Styles

Submissions from 2006

Iron supplementation: Oral tablets versus intramuscular injection, Brian Dawson, Carmel Goodman, Tanya Blee, Gary Claydon, Peter Peeling, John Beilby, and Alex Prins


Physical fitness of children with motor learning difficulties, Beth P. Hands and Dawne Larkin


Physical activity measurement methods for young children: A comparative study, Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker, and Dawne Larkin


The use of genomewide ENU mutagenesis screens to unravel complex mammalian traits: Identifying genes that regulate organ-specific and systemic autoimmunity, Gerard F. Hoyne and Christopher C. Goodnow

Submissions from 2005

Commentary on “Strength factors among women of Mexican descent”, Catherine Hall Ward

Submissions from 2004


Early intervention for the management of acute low back pain: A single blind randomised controlled trial of biopsychosocial education, manual therapy and exercise, Benedict Wand, Christien Bird, James H. McAuley, Caroline J. Dore, Maureen MacDowell, and Lorraine H. De Souza

Submissions from 2003


Implementing a fundamental Mmvement skill program in an early childhood setting: The children’s perspectives, Beth P. Hands and Marie Martin


Implementing a fundamental movement skill program in an early childhood setting: The teachers’ perspectives, Marie Martin and Beth P. Hands

Identifying physiotherapist and patient expectations in private practice physiotherapy, Margaret Potter, Sandy Gordon, and Peter Hamer

Submissions from 2001


Developmental coordination disorder: A discrete disability, Beth P. Hands and Dawne Larkin