Submissions from 2013

Lower limb kinematic variability in dancers performing drop landings onto floor surfaces with varied mechanical properties, Helen K. Reeve, Luke S. Hopper, Bruce C. Elliott, and Timothy R. Ackland

Ischemic heart disease after breast cancer radiotherapy: To the editor, Jayant S. Vaidya, Max Bulsara, and Frederik Wenz

Updated results of local control and first analysis of survival from the randomised trial of risk-adapted TARGeted Intraoperative radioTherapy (TARGIT-A) for early breast cancer, J S. Vaidya, F Wenz, Max Bulsara, J S. Tobias, D Joseph, M Keshtgar, H Flyger, S Massarut, M Alvarado, C Saunders, W Eiermann, M Metaxas, E Sperk, M Sutterlin, D Brown, L Esserman, M Roncadin, A Thompson, J A. Dewar, H Holtveg, S Pigorsch, M Falzon, E Harris, A Matthews, C Brew-Graves, I Potyka, T Corica, N R. Williams, and M Baum

Does the walkability of neighbourhoods affect children's independent mobility, independent of parental, socio-cultural and individual factors?, Karen Villanueva, Billie Giles-Corti, Max Bulsara, Georgina Trapp, Anna Timperio, Gavin McCormack, and Kimberly Van Niel


Online prostate cancer screening decision aid for at-risk men: A randomized trial, Kaaren J. Watts, Bettina Meiser, Claire E. Wakefield, Alexandra Barratt, Kirsten Howard, Benjamin C. Cheah, Graham J. Mann, Elizabeth Lobb, Clara Gaff, and Manish I. Patel

Submissions from 2012

Parental and early childhood influences on adolescent obesity: A longitudinal study, Paola Chivers, Helen Parker, Max Bulsara, Lawrence Beilin, and Beth P. Hands


How fundamental are fundamental movement skills?, Beth P. Hands

Breastmilk Is a novel source of stem cells with multilineage differentiation potential, Foteini Hassiotou, Adriana Beltran, Ellen Chetwynd, Alison M. Stuebe, Alecia-Jane Twigger, Philipp Metzger, Naomi J. Trengove, Ching T. Lai, Luis Filgueira, Pilar Blancafort, and Peter E. Hartmann


The role of Notch receptors and ligands in regulation of immune responses, Gerard F. Hoyne


The role of ubiquitin ligases in the control of organ specific autoimmunity, Gerard F. Hoyne

Sex dimorphism in the relation between early adiposity and cardiometabolic risk in adolescents, Rae-Chi Huang, Trevor A. Mori, Sally Burrows, Chi Le Ha, Wendy H. Oddy, Carly Herbison, Beth Hands, and Lawrence J. Beilin

Identifying cases or early breast cancer in Australia using prescription and other health services claims and self-report, A Kemp, D Preen, K Rogers, C Saunders, C D J Holman, Max Bulsara, and E E. Roughead

Investigation of short-term variations in casein and whey proteins in breast milk of term mothers, Sadaf Khan, Ylenia S. Carasio, Ching T. Lai, Danielle K. Prime, Anna R. Hepworth, Naomi J. Trengove, and Peter E. Hartmann


Oral contraceptive use in girls and alcohol consumption in boys are associated with increased blood pressure in late adolescence, Chi Le-Ha, Lawrence Beilin, Sally Burrows, Rae-Chi Huang, Wendy Oddy, Beth P. Hands, and Trevor Mori

Associations between aggressive behavior scores and cardiovascular risk factors in childhood, Sandra Louise Ms, Nicole Warrington Ms, Pamela McCaskie, Wendy Oddy Dr, Steve Zubrick, Beth P. Hands, Trevor Mori, Laurent Briollais, Sven Silburn, Lyle Palmer, Eugene Mattes, and Lawrence Beilin


Associations between anxious-depressed symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors in a longitudinal childhood study, Sandra Louise, Nicole Warrington, Pamela McCuskie, Wendy Oddy, Stephen Zubrick, Beth P. Hands, Trevor Mori, Laurent Briollais, Sven Silburn, Lyle Palmer, Eugene Mattes, and Lawrence Beilin

Improving muscular endurance with the MVe Fitness Chair™ in breast cancer survivors: A feasibility and efficacy study, Eric Martin, Claudio Battaglini, Diane Groff, and Fiona Naumann

Can counseling add value to an exercise intervention for improving quality of life in breast cancer survivors? A feasibility study, Fiona Naumann, Eric Martin, Martin Philpott, Cathie Smith, Diane Groff, and Claudio Battagini

The effect of school uniform on incidental physical activity among 10-year-old children, Hannah Norrish, Fiona Farringdon, Max Bulsara, and Beth P. Hands


Assessment of motor functioning in the preschool period, Jan Piek, Beth P. Hands, and Melissa Licari

Reliability and validity of the self-perception profile for adolescents: An Australian sample, Elizabeth Rose, Beth Hands, and Dawn Larkin

Falls prevention in older adults: Assessment and management, Nicholas Waldron, Anne-Marie Hill, and Anna Barker

Guilt as a consequence of migration, Catherine Hall Ward Dr and Irene Styles Dr

Submissions from 2011

Lifecourse childhood adiposity trajectories associated with adolescent insulin resistance, Beth Hands, Rae-Chi Huang, Nicholas de Klerk, Anne Smith, Garth E. Kendall, Louis I. Landau, Trevor A. Mori, John P. Newnham, Fiona J. Stanley, Wendy H. Oddy, and Lawrence J. Beilin


The associations between physical activity, screen time and weight from 6 to 14 years: The Raine Study, Beth P. Hands, Paola Chivers, Helen Parker, Garth Kendall, Lawrence Beilin, and Dawne Larkin

Dancer perceptions of quantified dance surface mechanical properties, Luke S. Hopper, Jacqueline Alderson, Bruce Elliott, Timothy R. Ackland, and Paul R. Fleming


Mechanisms that regulate peripheral immune responses to control organ specific autoimmunity, Gerard F. Hoyne


Visualizing the role of Cbl-b in control of islet-reactive CD4 T cells and susceptibility to Type 1 Diabetes, Gerard F. Hoyne, Eleanor Flening, Mehmet Yabas, Charis Teh, John A. Altin, Katrina Randall, Christine B F Thien, Wallace Y. Langdon, and Christopher C. Goodnow

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Lifestyle and demographic correlates of poor mental health in early adolescence, Monique Robinson, Garth Kendall, Peter Jacoby, Beth P. Hands, Lawrence Beilin, Sven Silburn, Steve Zubrick, and Wendy Oddy


Cooperation between somatic Ikaros and Notch1 mutations at the inception of T-ALL, Yovina Sontani, Gavin Chapman, Peter Papathanasiou, Sally Dunwoodie, Christopher C. Goodnow, and Gerard F. Hoyne

Cortical changes in chronic low back pain: Current state of the art and implications for clinical practice, Benedict M. Wand, Luke Parkitny, Neil E. O'Connell, Hannu Luomajoki, James H. McAuley, Michael Thacker, and G Lorimer Moseley

Early breast cancer and cosmetic outcome one, two, three and four years after intra-operative radiotherapy compared with external beam radiotherapy: An objective assessment of patients from a randomised controlled trial (on behalf of the TARGIT Trialists' Group), N R. Williams, M Keshtgar, T Corica, C Saunders, D Joseph, and Max Bulsara


Differential requirement for the CD45 splicing regulator hnRNPLL for accumulation of NKT and conventional T cells, Mehmet Yabas, Dale I. Godfrey, Christopher C. Goodnow, and Gerard F. Hoyne

Submissions from 2010


Dietary patterns and markers for the metabolic syndrome in Australian adolescents, Gina L. Ambrosini, Rae-Chi Huang, Trevor A. Mori, Beth P. Hands, Therese O'Sullivan, Nicholas H. de Klerk, Lawrence J. Beilin, and Wendy H. Oddy


Body mass index, adiposity rebound and early feeding in a longitudinal cohort (Raine study), Paola Chivers, Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker, Max K. Bulsara, Lawrence Beilin, Garth Kendall, and Wendy Oddy


A comparison of field measures of adiposity among Australian adolescents from the Raine Study, Paola Chivers, Helen Parker, Beth P. Hands, Lawrence Beilin, Garth Kendall, and Max Bulsara

Can young children make active choices? Outcomes of a feasibility trial in 7-year-old children, Beth P. Hands Prof, Dawne Larkin Dr, Elizabeth Rose Dr, Helen Parker Prof, and Anne Smith Dr

The validation of a clinical algorithm for the prevention and management of pulmonary dysfunction in intubated adults – a synthesis of evidence and expert opinion, Susan Hanekom, Sue Berney, Brenda Morrow, George Ntoumenopoulos, Jennifer Paratz, Shane Patman, and Quinette Louw

Measuring falls events in acute hospitals - A comparison of three reporting methods to identify missing data in the hospital reporting system, Anne-Marie Hill, Tammy Hoffmann, Keith Hill, David Oliver, Christopher Beer, Steven McPhail, Sandra Brauer, and Terry P. Haines

Effect of airway clearance techniques in patients experiencing an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review, Kylie Hill, Shane Patman, and Dina Brooks


A cell autonomous role for the Notch ligand Delta-like 3 in αβ T- cell development, Gerard F. Hoyne, Gavin Chapman, Yovina Sontani, Sharon E. Pursglove, and Sally L. Dunwoodie


Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for chronic pain in adults, Neil E. O'Connell, Benedict M. Wand, Louise Marston, Sally Spencer, and Lorraine H. De Souza

Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for chronic pain, Neil E. O'Connor, Benedict M. Wand, Louise Marston, Sally Spencer, and Lorraine H. DeSouza

Neuromuscular adaptations to eccentric strength training in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy, Siobhán Reid, Peter Hamer, Jacqueline Alderson, and David Lloyd

Relationships between initial motor assessment scale scores and length of stay, mobility at discharge and discharge destination after stroke, Claire Tucak, Jennifer Scott, Alison Kirkman, and Barbara Singer

Self-reported assessment of disability and performance-based assessment of disability are influenced by different patient characteristics in acute low back pain, Benedict M. Wand, Lara A. Chiffelle, Neil Edward O'Connell, James Henry McAuley, and Lorraine Hilary De Souza

Tactile thresholds are preserved yet complex sensory function is impaired over the lumbar spine of chronic non-specific low back pain patients: A preliminary investigation, Benedict M. Wand, Flavia Di Pietro, and Pamela George


Consequences of increased CD45RA and RC isoforms for TCR signaling and peripheral T cell deficiency resulting from heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L-like mutation, Zuopeng Wu, Adele L. Yates, Gerard F. Hoyne, and Christopher C. Goodnow

Submissions from 2009

Risk factors for lower back injury in male dancers performing ballet lifts, Jacqueline Alderson, Luke S. Hopper, Bruce Elliott, and Timothy R. Ackland


Adolescent dietary patterns are associated with lifestyle family psycho-social factors, Gina L. Ambrosini, Wendy H. Oddy, Monique Robinson, Therese A. O'Sullivan, Beth P. Hands, Nick H. de Klerk, Sven Silburn, Stephen R. Zubrick, Garth E. Kendall, Fiona Stanley, and Lawrence Beilin

Longitudinal modelling of body mass index from birth to 14 years, Paola Chivers, Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker, Lawrence Beilin, Garth Kendall, and Max Bulsara

Book reviews, Beth P. Hands, Paola Chivers, and Tim Jetson


Perinatal risk factors for Developmental Coordination Disorder, Beth P. Hands, Garth Kendall, Dawne Larkin, Elizabeth Rose, and Helen Parker

The PHENC Project final report: Interactive video analysis to develop learning and assessment of university students’ practical and communication skills, Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker, Anne Coffey, Karen Clark-Burg, Annie Das, Pam Gerrard, Chris Hackett, Suzanne Jenkins, Jean MacNish, Donna Miller, Paul Rycroft, Christina van Staden, Kate Gilomen, and Brad Flynn

The effect of different training programs on eccentric energy utilization in college-aged males, Sheldon B. Hawkins, Tim L A Doyle, and Michael R. McGuigan


c-Rel is required for the development of thymic Foxp3 CD4 regulatory T cells, Iwao Isomura, Stephanie Palmer, Raelene J. Grumont, Karen Bunting, Gerard F. Hoyne, Nancy Wilkinson, Ashish Banerjee, Anna Proietto, Raffi Gugasyan, Li Wu, Alice McNally, Raymond J. Steptoe, Ranjeny Thomas, M Frances Shannon, and Steve Gerondakis


Interpretive bias in acupuncture research? A case study, Neil E. O'Connell, Benedict M. Wand, and Ben Goldacre


Self-renewal of the long-term reconstituting subset of hematopoietic stem cells is regulated by Ikaros, Peter Papathanasiou, Joanne L. Attema, Holger Karsunky, Naoki Hosen, Yovina Sontani, Gerard F. Hoyne, Robert Tunningly, Stephen T. Smale, and Irving L. Weissman

Physiotherapy does not prevent, or hasten recovery from, bentilator-associated pneumonia in patients with acquired brain injury, Shane Patman, Sue Jenkins, and Kathy Stiller


Fitness, motor competence and body composition are weakly associated with adolescent back pain, Mark Perry, Leon Straker, Peter O'Sullivan, Anne Smith, and Beth P. Hands

The relationship between training load and incidence of injury and illness over a pre-season at an Australian football league club, Ben Piggott, Michael J. Newton, and Michael R. McGuigan

The physiological effects of IGF-1 (class 1:Ea transgene) over-expression on exercise-induced damage and adaptation in dystrophic muscles of mdx mice, James A. Ridgley, Gavin J. Pinniger, Peter Hamer, and Miranda D. Grounds


Intra-individual variation in children's physical activity patterns: Implications for measurement, Kate Ridley, Tim Olds, Beth P. Hands, Dawne Larkin, and Helen Parker


Evidence for the validity of the Children’s Attraction to Physical Activity Questionnaire (CAPA) with young children, Elizabeth Rose, Dawne Larkin, Beth P. Hands, Barbara Howard, and Helen Parker

Antimicrobial activity of commercial olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, Aurelia N. Sudjana, Carla D'Orazio, Vanessa Ryan, Nooshin Rasool, Justin Ng, Nabilah Islam, Thomas V. Riley, and Katherine A. Hammer


The self reported aggravating activities of chronic non specific low back pain patients do not demonstrate a consistent directional pattern: An observational study, Benedict M. Wand, Rebecca Hunter, Neil E. O'Connell, Louise Marston, and James McAuley


Predicting outcome in acute low back pain using different models of patient profiling, Benedict M. Wand, James H. McAuley, Louise Marston, and Lorraine H. De Souza

Submissions from 2008


Changes in motor skill and fitness measures among children with high and low motor competence: A five-year longitudinal study, Beth Hands


The relationship between physical activity, motor competence and health-related fitness in 14-year-old adolescents, Beth P. Hands, Dawne Larkin, Helen Parker, Leon Straker, and Mark Perry


Pedometer-determined physical activity, BMI and waist girth in 7- to 16- year-old children and adolescents, Beth P. Hands and Helen Parker

Improving the accuracy of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal disease notification rates using data linkage, Donna B. Mak and Rochelle E. Watkins

Fatigue in repeated-sprint exercise is related to muscle power factors and reduced neuromuscular activity, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Peter Hamer, and David Bishop


Fitness, motor competence and body composition as correlates of adolescent neck/shoulder pain: An exploratory cross-sectional study, Mark Perry, Leon Straker, Peter O'Sullivan, Anne Smith, and Beth P. Hands

Knee strength and knee adduction moments following arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, Daina L. Sturnieks, Thor F. Besier, Peter W. Hamer, Timothy R. Ackland, Peter M. Mills, Gwidon W. Stachowiak, Pawal Podsialdlo, and David G. Lloyd


Chronic non-specific low back pain – sub-groups or a single mechanism?, Benedict M. Wand and Neil E. O'Connell

Submissions from 2007

Effect of iron injections on aerobic-exercise performance of iron-depleted female athletes, Peter Peeling, Tanya Blee, Carmel Goodman, Brian Dawson, Gary Claydon, John Beilby, and Alex Prins

Evidence for the ecological self: English speaking migrants' residual link to their homeland, Catherine Hall Ward and Irene Styles

Submissions from 2006

Iron supplementation: Oral tablets versus intramuscular injection, Brian Dawson, Carmel Goodman, Tanya Blee, Gary Claydon, Peter Peeling, John Beilby, and Alex Prins


Physical fitness of children with motor learning difficulties, Beth P. Hands and Dawne Larkin


Physical activity measurement methods for young children: A comparative study, Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker, and Dawne Larkin


The use of genomewide ENU mutagenesis screens to unravel complex mammalian traits: Identifying genes that regulate organ-specific and systemic autoimmunity, Gerard F. Hoyne and Christopher C. Goodnow

Submissions from 2005

Commentary on “Strength factors among women of Mexican descent”, Catherine Hall Ward

Submissions from 2004


Early intervention for the management of acute low back pain: A single blind randomised controlled trial of biopsychosocial education, manual therapy and exercise, Benedict Wand, Christien Bird, James H. McAuley, Caroline J. Dore, Maureen MacDowell, and Lorraine H. De Souza

Submissions from 2003


Implementing a fundamental Mmvement skill program in an early childhood setting: The children’s perspectives, Beth P. Hands and Marie Martin


Implementing a fundamental movement skill program in an early childhood setting: The teachers’ perspectives, Marie Martin and Beth P. Hands

Identifying physiotherapist and patient expectations in private practice physiotherapy, Margaret Potter, Sandy Gordon, and Peter Hamer

Submissions from 2001


Developmental coordination disorder: A discrete disability, Beth P. Hands and Dawne Larkin