10th Anniversary Edition


In 2021, Solidarity entered its 10th year of publication. This special Anniversary edition features some of the best articles from the past decade, along with an editor's introduction from founding member Sandra Lynch.

PDF Editor's Introduction
  Sandra Lynch


PDF The Book of Ruth: Solidarity, Kindness, and Peace
  Frederick W. Guyette
PDF The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Social and Political Principle in Catholic Social Teaching
  Michelle Evans
PDF Local Communities and Globalization in Caritas in Veritate
  Jeffery Nicholas
PDF Gender Reality
  Sr. Mary Prudence Allen
PDF Feminism from the Perspective of Catholicism
  Tracey A. Rowland
PDF Equality and Differences
  John Finnis
PDF Religious Authority in Public Spaces: The Challenge of Jurisdictional Pluralism
  Nicholas Aroney
PDF Catholic Education and the Bureaucratic Usurpation of Grace
  Tracey A. Rowland
PDF Laudato Si, The Abolition of Man and Plato’s Republic
  Scott Ragland