Aims & Scope

This online journal is a joint project between the Institute for Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, and the Office of Justice & Peace in the Archdiocese of Sydney. As such, Solidarity reflects the mission statements of both these institutions:

- “To promote the study of Catholic intellectual tradition and moral tradition, with a particular focus on faith and ethics and their application and integration into the broader life of society”. (Institute for Ethics and Society)
- “To promote justice, peace, ecology and development through projects and activities based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church” (Office of Justice & Peace)

However, as well as having a broadly Catholic interest, Solidarity is also a journal for secular ethics. As such, the journal aims to promote inter-traditional, multidisciplinary dialogue. Solidarity aims to both examine, and give voice to, an intellectual approach to ethics and social philosophy within secular and religious traditions alike.

Furthermore, Solidarity prides itself on providing a vehicle for students to begin their academic careers. The student submissions in the journal are a vitally important aspect of another ambition of Solidarity: to provide a helpful avenue for students and young academics to publish their works and further their careers.

Solidarity is an ethics journal. As such, it welcomes works from various academic fields, including: philosophy, moral theology, applied ethics, and any work considering ethical implications of a specific field.

Should you have any queries about whether a manuscript is appropriate for Solidarity, please feel free to contact our editorial office at sydney.solidarity@nd.edu.au.