- Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is relatively new in fields of academic research. It involves curiosity, reflection, and evidence-based methods to research effective teaching and student learning, specifically in higher education. Educational research more generally (K-12) is its own field.

About Research in Progress

In recognition that it takes time to meet the conditions of the rigorous research involved in SoTL, the Summit Program includes space for academics who are still developing their research, e.g.: educators might have trialled a new form of assessment for one course which appeared successful and now want to find out more about the student experience; have created a research proposal but not yet had a chance to collect the data; or have collected the data but only have preliminary findings. This is the space to present your work and hear the thoughts / advice of your friendly and kind academic community.

How can I find out more about SoTL?



SoTL Journals

Higher Education Research and Development: This is the principal journal of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA). Its focus is on higher education – the theory, practice, history and research thereof. It is an internationally peer-reviewed journal and publishes articles from the educators, researchers, administrators and policymakers who offer new and critical perspectives on all higher education issues and topics. Access the journal.

Teaching and learning inquiry: This is the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL). It publishes only two journals per year and has high quality papers in SoTL, often with an international or interdisciplinary focus with scope for creative methodologies and writing genres. An interesting journal worth following, particularly in the times when your writing needs a creative boost. Access the journal.

SoTL Books and Chapters

Bishop-Clark, C., Dietz-Uhler, B., and Nelson, C. E. (2012). Engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning: A guide to the process, and how to develop a project from start to finish. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, LLC. Written in an engaging and easy to read way – especially recommended for educators whose curiosity, passion and thirst for knowledge exceeds the hours they have left in the day. The narrative style is accompanied by examples and worksheets to help the reader move from reflection, to the collection of evidence, the framing of scholarly questions, researching relevant literature, refining and testing practice and to the final stage of public with their inquiries. Access the eBook.

Trigwell, K. (2012). Scholarship of teaching and learning. In L. Hunt and D. Chalmers (Eds.), University Teaching in Focus: A Learning-Centred Approach. (pp. 253-267). Routledge. A good chapter to quickly familiarise yourself with SoTL. Trigwell’s five case studies of different levels of SOTL, focus the efforts of inquiry squarely on improving student learning. Succinctly written and highly relevant to Australian educators. Access the eBook.

Read the SoTL basics and looking for something specific to your discipline? Try either of these two texts for good discipline-based perspectives and examples: