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Pretreatment with mifepristone compared with misoprostol alone for delivery after fetal death between 14 and 28 weeks of gestation: A randomized controlled trial
Emma R. Allanson, Sean Copson, Katrina Spilsbury, Sonya Criddle, Belinda Jennings, Dorota A. Doherty, Antonia M. Wong, and Jan E. Dickinson


The TOMM40 ‘523’ polymorphism in disease risk and age of symptom onset in two independent cohorts of Parkinson’s disease
Megan C. Bakeberg, Madison Hoes, Anastazja M. Gorecki, Frances Theunissen, Abigail L. Pfaff, Jade E. Kenna, Kai Plunkett, Sulev Koks, P. Anthony Akkari, Frank Mastaglia, and Ryan S. Anderton


TOMM40 '523' poly-T repeat length is a determinant of longitudinal cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease
Megan C. Bakeberg, Anastazja M. Gorecki, Abigail L. Pfaff, Madison E. Hoes, Sulev Kõks, P. Anthony Akkari, Frank L. Mastaglia, and Ryan S. Anderton


The uncertainty trope: The duty to treat during a pandemic
Carlos Zubaran and Alexander Freeman


Feeling and hearing country
Anne Poelina, Sandra Wooltorton, Sandra Harben, Len Collard, Pierre Horwitz, and David Palmer


The role of governance in Indigenous medical education research
Andrea McKivett, Karen Glover, Yvonne Clark, Juli Coffin, David Paul, Judith Nicoll Hudson, and Peter O'Mara


The impact of device-assisted therapies on the gut microbiome in Parkinson's disease
Michal Lubomski, Xiangnan Xu, Andrew J. Holmes, Jean Y.H. Yang, Carolyn M. Sue, and Ryan L. Davis


The psychological well-being of primary healthcare nurses during COVID-19: A qualitative study
Christine Ashley, Sharon James, Anna Williams, Kaara Calma, Susan McInnes, Ruth Mursa, Catherine Stephen, and Elizabeth Halcomb


The prevalence of depressive and anxiety symptoms and their associations with quality of life among clinically stable older patients with psychiatric disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic
Wen Li, Na Zhao, Xiaona Yan, Siyun Zou, Huan Wang, Yulong Li, Xiuying Xu, Xiangdong Du, Lan Zhang, Qinge Zhang, Teris Cheung, Gabor S. Ungvari, Chee H. Ng, and Yu-Tao Xiang


The prevalence of depression and its association with quality of life among pregnant and postnatal women in China: A multicenter study
Hai-Xin Bo, Yuan Yang, Dong-Ying Zhang, Meng Zhang, Pei-Hong Wang, Xiao-Hua Liu, Li-Na Ge, Wen-Xuan Lin, Yang Xu, Ya-Lan Zhang, Feng-Juan Li, Xu-Juan Xu, Hong-He Wu, Todd Jackson, Gabor S. Ungvari, Teris Cheung, and Yu-Tao Xiang

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