Submit Your Research

It is no longer possible for you to submit information about your research publications directly to Research Online. Please submit information about your publications to .

Staff in the Research Office will submit publication details to IRMA and verify the record in accordance with HERDC and ERA requirements, and then the Research Office will forward this information directly to the staff responsible for Research Online. In other words, you will only need to notify IRMA of your publications, not both IRMA and Research Online.

IRMA will hold all publications information, including both research publications and those which are not categorised as research (for example, unpublished conference papers, or edited books). IRMA will also hold copies of research publications, as this is required for audit purposes. In the case of books, a limited number of relevant pages will suffice. IRMA will also be the source of information about publications for the Research Incentives Scheme (RIS).

Research Online will include only publications which may be made available in an open access repository. In addition to providing a copy of each published research item for inclusion in IRMA, you will be asked to provide a copy of each publication which can be added to Research Online under Open Access provisions – typically this will be a post print (the final copy of a journal article which has been approved for publication), or a version which the publisher has approved for addition to an Open Access repository.

If you have any queries regarding ResearchOnline@ND please send an email to .