Submit Your Research

Research Online is an institutional open access digital research repository. It helps promote and share the research conducted at our University. Once researchers have deposited their research outputs in IRMA, Library staff will then ensure these are made openly accessible in Research Online where licence agreements with the publisher permit.

In the first instance, please submit information about your publications to . Once staff in the Research Office have uploaded the publication details to IRMA and verified the record in accordance with HERDC and ERA requirements, they will forward this information directly to Research Online for upload into the repository. In other words, you will only need to submit your research outputs to IRMA, not both IRMA and Research Online.

IRMA holds all publications information, including both research publications and those which are not categorised as research (for example, unpublished conference papers, or edited books), which is required for the ERA reporting process.

Research Online will include only publications which may be made available in an open access repository – typically this will be a post-print version of your publication (the Author Accepted Manuscript or final draft of a journal article following peer review and approved for publication), or a version which the publisher has approved for addition to an Open Access repository.

If you have any queries regarding ResearchOnline@ND please send an email to .