Submissions from 2021

Differential effects of sex on longitudinal patterns of cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease, Megan C. Bakeberg, Anastazja M. Gorecki, Jade E. Kenna, Alexa Jefferson, Michelle Byrnes, Soumya Ghosh, Malcom K. Horne, Sarah McGregor, Rick Stell, Sue Walters, Paola Chivers, Samantha J. Winter, Frank L. Mastaglia, and Ryan S. Anderton

Can positive mindsets be protective against stress and isolation experienced during the covid-19 pandemic? A mixed methods approach to understanding emotional health and wellbeing needs of perinatal women, Jacqueline A. Davis, Lisa Y. Gibson, Natasha L. Bear, Amy L. Finlay-Jones, Jeneva L. Ohan, Desiree T. Silva, and Susan L. Prescott

Early Moves: a protocol for a population-based prospective cohort study to establish general movements as an early biomarker of cognitive impairment in infants, Catherine Elliott, Caroline Alexander, Alison Salt, Alicia J. Spittle, Roslyn N. Boyd, Nadia Badawi, Catherine Morgan, Desiree Silva, Elizabeth Geelhoed, Robert S. Ware, Alishum Ali, Anne McKenzie, David Bloom, Mary Sharp, Roslyn Ward, Samudragupta Bora, Susan Prescott, Susan Woolfenden, Vuong Le, Sue-Anne Davidson, Ashleigh Thornton, Amy Finlay-Jones, Lynn Jensen, Natasha Amery, and Jane Valentine

Capecitabine for hormone receptor-positive versus hormone receptor-negative breast cancer, Siao-Nge Hoon, Peter K.H Lau, Alison M. White, Max K. Bulsara, Patricia D. Banks, and Andrew D. Redfern

Factors influencing physical activity in adults with cystic fibrosis, Nicola Hurley, Niall M. Moyna, Bróna Kehoe, Noel McCaffrey, Karen Redmond, and Sarah J. Hardcastle

Association of genetic variances in ADRB1 and PPARGC1a with two-kilometre running time-trial performance in Australian Football League players: A preliminary study, Ysabel Jacob, Ryan S. Anderton, Jodie L. Cochrane Wilkie, Brent Rogalski, Simon M. Laws, Anthony Jones, Tania Spiteri, and Nicolas H. Hart

A simplified fluid resuscitation formula for burns in mass casualty scenarios: Analysis of the consensus recommendation from the WHO Emergency Medical Teams Technical Working Group on Burns, Thomas Leclerc, Tom Potokar, Amy Hughes, Ian Norton, Calin Alexandru, Josef Haik, Naiem Moiemen, and Stian Kreken Almeland

Increasing use of CT requested by emergency department physicians in tertiary hospitals in Western Australia 2003-2015: An analysis of linked administrative data, Susannah Maxwell, Ninh Thi Ha, Max K. Bulsara, Jenny Doust, Donald Mcrobbie, Peter O'Leary, John Slavotinek, and Rachael Moorin

Development and validation of a probe word list to assess speech motor skills in children, Aravind Kumar Namasivayam, Anna Huynh, Rohan Bali, Francesca Granata, Vina Law, Darshani Rampersaud, Jennifer Hard, Roslyn Ward, Rena Helms-Park, Pascal van Lieshout, and Deborah Hayden


A prospective pilot study of the energy balance profiles in acute non-severe burn patients, Tyler Osborne, Dale Edgar, Paul Gittings, Fiona Wood, Thomas Le Huray, Brodie Allan, Brendan R. Scott, and Bradley Wall


Exploring the association between stroke and acute myocardial infarction and statins adherence following a medicines co-payment increase, Karla L. Seaman, Max K. Bulsara, Frank M. Sanfilippo, Anna Kemp-Casey, Elizabeth E. Roughead, Caroline Bulsara, Gerald F. Watts, and David B. Preen

Submissions from 2020

Comparison of wide field imaging by nurses with indirect ophthalmoscopy by ophthalmologists for retinopathy of prematurity: A diagnostic accuracy study, Sam Ebenezer Athikarisamy, Geoffrey Christopher Lam, Stuart Ross, Shripada Cuddapah Rao, Debbie Chiffings, Karen Simmer, Max Bulsara, and Sanjay Patole

Standardization of burn patients transfer: Implementation of a transfer request form to Israel's national burn center, Uri Aviv, Ariel Berl, Josef Haik, Ariel Tessone, and Moti Harats

Early neurodevelopmental outcomes of congenital gastrointestinal surgical conditions: A single-centre retrospective study, Vamsi Bati, Shripada Rao, Deepika Wagh, Jason Khay Ghim Tan, Ian Gollow, Karen Simmer, Max K. Bulsara, and Sanjay Patole


Do peers increase older adults' participation in strength training? Pilot randomized trial, Elissa Burton, Karen Levit, Jim Codde, Keith D. Hill, and Anne-Marie Hill


Defining the border of the subthalamic nucleus for deep brain stimulation: A proposed model using the symmetrical sigmoid curve function, Anthony M.T Chau, Angela Jacques, and Christopher R. Lind

Horizontal fissuring at the osteochondral interface: A novel and unique pathological feature in patients with obesity-related osteoarthritis, Lianzhi Chen, Felix Yao, Tao Wang, Guangyi Li, Peilin Chen, Max Bulsara, Jessica Jun Yi Zheng, Euphemie Landao-Bassonga, Marty Firth, Praveen Vasantharao, Yigang Huang, Michelle Lorimer, Stephen Graves, Junjie Gao, Richard Carey-Smith, John Papadimitriou, Changqing Zhang, David Wood, Christopher Jones, and Minghao Zheng

A novel, reliable protocol to objectively assess scar stiffness using shear wave elastography, Helen DeJong, Steven Abbott, Marilyn Zelesco, Katrina Spilsbury, Lisa Martin, Rowan Sanderson, Melanie Ziman, Brendan F. Kennedy, and Fiona M. Wood

Objective quantification of burn scar stiffness using shear-wave elastography: Initial evidence of validity, Helen DeJong, Steven Abbott, Marilyn Zelesco, Katrina Spilsbury, Melanie Ziman, Brendan F. Kennedy, Lisa Martin, and Fiona M. Wood

Comparison of the genital microbiomes of pregnant aboriginal and non-aboriginal women, Nicole K. Dinsdale, Natalia Castaño-Rodríguez, Julie A. Quinlivan, and George L. Mendz


Physical and energy demand of soccer: A brief review, Filippo Dolci, Nicolas H. Hart, Andrew E. Kilding, Paola Chivers, Benjamin Piggott, and Tania Spiteri


Paediatric nurses' satisfaction with organisational communication, job satisfaction, and intention to stay: A structural equation modelling analysis, Gemma Doleman, Di Twigg, Sara Bayes, and Paola T. Chivers

Alternate electrode positions for the measurement of hand volumes using bioimpedance spectroscopy, Dale O. Edwick, Dana Hince, Jeremy M. Rawlins, Fiona M. Wood, and Dale W. Edgar

Reporting of resistance training dose, adherence, and tolerance in exercise oncology, Ciaran M. Fairman, Tormod S. Nilsen, Robert U. Newton, Dennis R. Taaffe, Nigel Spry, David Joseph, Suzanne K. Chambers, Zac P. Robinson, Nicolas H. Hart, Michael C. Zourdos, Brian C. Focht, Carolyn J. Peddle-McIntyre, and Daniel A. Galvao

A retrospective review of an off-label bromelain-based selective enzymatic debridement (Nexobrid®) in the treatment of deep, partial, and full thickness burns and hard to heal wounds, Moti Harats, Josef Haik, Michelle Cleary, Ilan Vashurin, Uri Aviv, and Rachel Kornhaber

Fitbit wear-time and patterns of activity in cancer survivors throughout a physical activity intervention and follow-up: Exploratory analysis from a randomised controlled trial, Sarah J. Hardcastle, Ruth Jimenez-Castuera, Chloe Maxwell-Smith, Max K. Bulsara, and Dana Hince

Biological basis of bone strength: Anatomy, physiology and measurement, Nicolas H. Hart, Robert U. Newton, Jocelyn Tan, Timo Rantalainen, Paola Chivers, Aris Siafarikas, and Sophia Nimphius

Developing an Australian multi-module clinical quality registry for gynaecological cancers: A protocol paper, Natalie Heriot, Alison Brand, Paul Cohen, Sue Hegarty, Simon Hyde, Yee Leung, John R. Zalcberg, and Robert Rome

Can an online exercise prescription tool improve adherence to home exercise programmes in children with cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental disabilities? A randomised controlled trial, Rowen W. Johnson, Sian A. Williams, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Natasha Bear, and Noula Gibson

We have the program, what now? Development of an implementation plan to bridge the research-practice gap prevalent in exercise oncology, Mary A. Kennedy, Sara Bayes, Robert U. Newton, Yvonne Zissiadis, Nigel A. Spry, Dennis R. Taaffe, Nicolas H. Hart, Michael Davis, Aileen Eiszele, and Daniel A. Galvão

Treatment and outcomes for synovial sarcoma patients in Western Australia: The role of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy, Yasir Khan, Richard Carey-Smith, Mandy Taylor, Jennifer Woodhouse, Angela Jacques, David Wood, and Anne Long

Identifying pregnant women at risk of developing COVID-19 related mental health problems–a call for enhanced psychoeducation and social support, Mijke Lambregtse-van den Berg and Julie Quinlivan

Characterization of the immune profile of oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas with advancing disease, Katie Meehan, Connull Leslie, Michaela Lucas, Angela Jacques, Bob Mirzai, James Lim, Max Bulsara, Yasir Khan, Nicholas C. Wong, Benjamin Solomon, Chady Sader, Peter Friedland, Gisela Mir Arnau, Timothy Semple, and Annette M. Lim

The prognostic and predictive value of sox2+ cell densities in patients treated for colorectal cancer, Tim J. Miller, Melanie J. McCoy, Tracey F. Lee-Pullen, Chidozie C. Anyaegbu, Christine Hemmings, Max K. Bulsara, and Cameron F. Platell


Fatherhood too soon. Anxiety, depression and quality of life in fathers of preterm and term babies: A longitudinal study, Ingrid Beatrice Petersen and Julie Anne Quinlivan

Interdisciplinary sport research can better predict competition performance, identify individual differences, and quantify task representation, Benjamin Piggott, Sean Muller, Paola Chivers, Ashley Cripps, and Gerard F. Hoyne


Self-report motor competence in adolescents aged 12-18 years in regional and rural Victoria (Australia), Mandy S. Plumb, Beth Hands, Fleur McIntyre, and Amanda Timler

Vedolizumab for ulcerative colitis: Real world outcomes from a multicenter observational cohort of Australia and Oxford, Samba Siva Reddy Pulusu, Ashish Srinivasan, Krupa Krishnaprasad, Daniel Cheng, Jakob Begun, Charlotte Keung, Daniel Van Langenberg, Lena Thin, Tamara Mogilevski, Peter De Cruz, Graham Radford-Smith, Emma Flanagan, Sally Bell, Soleiman Kashkooli, Miles Sparrow, Simon Ghaly, Peter Bampton, Elise Sawyer, Susan Connor, Quart-ul-ain Rizvi, Jane M. Andrews, Gillian Mahy, Paola Chivers, Simon Travis, and Ian Craig Lawrence

Analytical bias in the measurement of plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in infants, Kristina Rueter, Lucinda J. Black, Anderson Jones, Max Bulsara, Michael W. Clarke, Cristina Gamez, Ee M. Lim, Debra J. Palmer, Susan L. Prescott, and Aris Siafarikas

Predictors of ceasing or reducing statin medication following a large increase in the consumer copayment for medications: A retrospective observational study, Karla Seaman, Frank M. Sanfilippo, Max Bulsara, Libby Roughead, Anna Kemp-Casey, Caroline Bulsara, Gerald F. Watts, and David Preen

Improved and standardized method for assessing years lived with disability after burns and its application to estimate the non-fatal burden of disease of burn injuries in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, Inge Spronk, Dale Edgar, Margriet E. van Baar, Fiona M. Wood, Nancy E.E Van Loey, Esther Middelkoop, Babette Renneberg, Caisa Oster, Lotti Orwelius, Asgjerd L. Moi, Marianne Nieuwenhuis, Cornelis H. van der Vlies, Suzanne Polinder, and Juanita A. Haagsma


Association between pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and the development of ovarian serous borderline tumor, mucinous borderline tumor and low-grade serous carcinoma, Louise Stewart, C J.R Stewart, Katrina Spilsbury, P A. Cohen, and S Jordan

Impact of a multimodal exercise program on tibial bone health in adolescents with Development Coordination Disorder: An examination of feasibility and potential efficacy, Jocelyn L. Tan, Aris Siafarikas, Timo Rantalainen, Nicolas H. Hart, Fleur McIntyre, Beth Hands, and Paola Chivers

Use of cannabinoid-based medicine among older residential care recipients diagnosed with dementia: Study protocol for a double-blind randomised crossover trial, Amanda Timler, Caroline Bulsara, Max Bulsara, Alistair Vickery, Jill Smith, and James Codde

Predictors of itch and pain in the 12 months following burn injury: Results from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) Long-Term Outcomes Project, Lincoln M. Tracy, Dale W. Edgar, Rebecca Schrale, Heather Cleland, Belinda J. Gabbe, and the BRANZ Adult Long-Term Outcomes Pilot Project participating sites and working party

Epidemiology of burn injury in older adults: An Australian and New Zealand perspective, Lincoln M. Tracy, Yvonne Singer, Rebecca Schrale, Jennifer Gong, Anne Darton, Fiona Wood, Rochelle Kurmis, Dale Edgar, Heather Cleland, and Belinda J. Gabbe

Exploring the brain-body composition relationship in Huntington's disease, Mitchell Turner, Alvaro Reyes, Danielle M. Bartlett, Scott Culpin, Nicolas H. Hart, Luca Hardt, Kirk Feindel, Govinda R. Poudel, Mel Ziman, and Travis M. Cruickshank

Long term survival and local control outcomes from single dose targeted intraoperative radiotherapy during lumpectomy (TARGIT-IORT) for early breast cancer: TARGIT-A randomised clinical trial, Jayant S. Vaidya, Max Bulsara, Michael Baum, Frederik Wenz, Samuele Massarut, Steffi Pigorsch, Michael Alvarado, Michael Douek, Christobel Saunders, Henrik Flyger, Wolfgang Eiermann, Chris Brew-Graves, Norman R. Williams, Ingrid Potyka, Nicholas Roberts, Marcelle Bernstein, Douglas Brown, Elena Sperk, Siobhan Laws, Marc Sutterlin, Tammy Corica, Steinar Lungren, Dennis Holmes, Lorenzo Vinante, Fernando Bozza, Montserrat Pazos, Magali Le Blanc-Onfroy, Gunther Gruber, Wojciech Polkowski, Konstantin J. Dedes, Marcus Niewald, Jens Blohmer, David McCready, Richard Hoefer, Pond Kelemen, Gloria Petralia, Mary Falzon, David J. Joseph, and Jeffrey S. Tobias


Sharing a place-based indigenous methodology and learnings, Sandra Wooltorton, Len Collard, Pierre Horwitz, Anne Poelina, and David Palmer


Detection of low-level EGFR c.2369 C>T (p.Thr790Met) resistance mutation in pre-treatment non-small cell lung carcinomas harboring activating EGFR mutations and correlation with clinical outcomes, Linda Ye, Nima Mesbah Ardakani, Carla Thomas, Katrina Spilsbury, Connull Leslie, Benhur Amanuel, and Michael Millward

Submissions from 2019

Protocol for prospective randomised assessor-blinded pilot study comparing hyperbaric oxygen therapy with PENtoxifylline+TOcopherol± CLOdronate for the management of early osteoradionecrosis of the mandible, Vishal M. Bulsara, Max K. Bulsara, and Emma Lewis

Season, terrestrial ultraviolet radiation, and markers of glucose metabolism in children living in Perth, Western Australia, Catherine L. Clarke, Lana M. Bell, Peter Gies, Stuart Henderson, Aris Siafarikas, and Shelley Gorman

Motor imagery training decreases pain on loading in people with moderate Achilles tendinopathy: A preliminary randomised cross-over experiment, James Debenham, S Krummenacher, I Skinner, Dana Hince, Mervyn Travers, and Benedict Wand

Characterisation of peripheral bone mineral density in youth at risk of secondary osteoporosis - a preliminary insight, Mark Jenkins, Nicolas H. Hart, Sophia Nimphius, Paola Chivers, Timo Rantalainen, Karen M. Rothacker, Belinda R. Beck, Benjamin K. Weeks, Fleur McIntyre, Beth Hands, Brendan P. Beeson, and Aris Siafarikas

Lower limb chronic edema management program: Perspectives of disengaged patients on challenges, enablers and barriers to program attendance and adherence, Linda Khong, Amma Buckley, Wendy Johnson, and Vinicius Cavalheri


Undetectable mannose binding lectin is associated with HRCT proven bronchiectasis in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Krista Makin, Tracie Easter, Monica Kemp, Peter Kendall, Max Bulsara, Sophie Coleman, and Graeme J. Carroll

Role of lactic acidosis as a mediator of sprint-mediated nausea, Robert Merrells, Ashley J. Cripps, Paola T. Chivers, and Paul A. Fournier


Care After Lymphoma (CALy) trial: A phase II pilot pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led model of survivorship care, Karen Taylor, Paola Chivers, Caroline Bulsara, David Joske, Max Bulsara, and Leanne Monterosso

Exploring the influence of self-perceptions on the relationship between motor competence and identity in adolescents, Amanda Timler, Fleur McIntyre, Elizabeth Rose, and Beth Hands

A brief history of nutritional rickets, Benjamin J. Wheeler, Anne Marie E. Snoddy, Craig Munns, Peter Simmons, Aris Siafarikas, and Craig Jefferies

Submissions from 2018


Cosmetic outcome as rated by patients, doctors, nurses and BCCT.core software assessed over 5 years in a subset of patients in the TARGIT-A trial, Tammy Corica, Anna K. Nowak, Christobel M. Saunders, Max K. Bulsara, Mandy Taylor, Norman R. Williams, Mohammed Keshtgar, David J. Joseph, and Jayant S. Vaidya


Find cancer early: Evaluation of a community education campaign to increase awareness of cancer signs and symptoms in people in regional Western Australians, Emma J. Croager, Victoria Gray, Iain S. Pratt, Terry Slevin, Simone Pettigrew, C. D'Arcy Holman, Max K. Bulsara, and Jon D. Emery


Movement economy in soccer: Current data and limitations, Filippo Dolci, Nicolas H. Hart, Andrew Kilding, Paola Chivers, Benjamin Piggott, and Tania Spiteri


Added value of second biopsy target in screen-detected widespread suspicious breast calcifications, Nathalie M. Falkner, Dana A. Hince, Gareth Porter, Ben Dessauvagie, Sanjay Jeganathan, Max Bulsara, and Glen Lo


Cauliflower ear - a minimally invasive treatment method in a wrestling athlete: a case report, Josef Haik, Or Givol, Rachel Kornhaber, Michelle Cleary, Hagit Ofir, and Moti Harats


International validation of the EORTC QLQ-PRT20 module for assessment of quality of life symptoms relating to radiation proctitis: A phase IV study, Georgia K.B Halkett, Charles Adam Wigley, Samar M. Aoun, Maurizio Portaluri, Francesco Tramacere, Lorenzo Livi, Beatrice Detti, Stefano Arcangeli, Jo-Asmund Lund, Are Kristensen, Nathalie McFadden, Arne Grun, Sean Bydder, Irina Sackerer, Elfriede Greimel, Nigel Spry, and EORTC Quality of Life Group


Community peer-led falls prevention presentations: What do the experts suggest?, Linda Khong, Richard G. Berlach, Keith D. Hill, and Anne-Marie Hill


Advance care planning documentation strategies; goals-of-care as an alternative to not-for-resuscitation in medical and oncology patients. A pre-post controlled study on quantifiable outcomes, David J.R Morgan, Derek Eng, Dominic Higgs, Maria Beilin, Caroline Bulsara, Milly Wong, Louise Angus, and Nicholas Waldron

Submissions from 2017


Effectiveness of peers in delivering programs or motivating older people to increase their participation in physical activity: Systematic review and meta-analysis, Elissa Burton, Kaela Farrier, Keith Hill, James Codde, Phil Airey, and Anne-Marie Hill


Can peer education improve beliefs, knowledge, motivation and intention to engage in falls prevention amongst community-dwelling older adults?, Linda Khong, Richard G. Berlach, Keith D. Hill, and Anne-Marie Hill


How older adults would like falls prevention information delivered: Fresh insights from a world cafe forum, Linda Khong, Caroline Bulsara, Keith D. Hill, and Anne-Marie Hill