Submissions from 2012

Soothing spaces and healing spaces: Is there an ideal counselling room?, Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson

The point of spinifex: A review of Aboriginal uses of spinifex grasses in Australia, H Pitman and Lynley A. Wallis


PNG provincial hospital boards' compliance with statutory financial reporting obligations, Mignon Shardlow and Alistair Brown

Submissions from 2011

Education and the centenary of Anzac, Peter J. Dean

Indigenous land use agreement - Building relationships between Karajarri traditional owners, the Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc. and the government of Western Australia, Joe Edgar


Connecting inwardly: Traces of Ludwig van Beethoven in the work of Ted Hughes, David Heldsinger

Portable media affected spectatorship, Celia Lam

Construct validity of the multidimensional structure of bullying and victimization: An application of exploratory structural equation modeling, Herbert W. Marsh, Benjamin Nagengast, Alexandre J S Morin, Roberto H. Parada, Rhonda G. Craven, and Linda R. Hamilton

Spatial practices and the home as hospice, S McGann


The return of Bishop Brady: The exhumation of Perth's first bishop, Odhran P. O'Brien and Jade O'Brien

Aboriginal Australian and Canadian First Nations Children's Literature, Angeline O'Neill

Aboriginal Australian and Canadian First Nations Children's Literature, Angeline O'Neill

Textual fantasies and culturality in Native American fiction: A review article of new books by Treuer and Justice, Angeline O'Neill

Introduction to About Indigenous Literatures: Editorial, Angeline O'Neill and A Braz

Multiple intelligences and the therapeutic alliance: Incorporating multiple intelligence theory and practice in counselling, Mark Pearson

Counselling clients from an older generation, Gordon Smith and Mark Pearson

Counselling clients from a younger generation, Gordon Smith and Mark Pearson

Submissions from 2010

The privatisation of prisoner transfer services in Western Australia. What can we learn from the Ward case?, Daniel Baldino, Martin Drum, and Ben Wyatt

Moving beyond the enduring dominance of positivism in psychological research: Implications for psychology in Australia, Lauren J. Breen and Dawn Darlaston-Jones


The land ‘flow[ing] … with milk and honey’: Cultural landscape, Shane F. Burke, Peter Di Marco, and Simon J. Meath

Assessing and reassessing Anzac in 2010, Peter J. Dean


Commemoration, memory, and forgotten histories: The complexity and limitations of Australian Army biography, Peter J. Dean


Recent scholarship in military history and the ANZAC legend: Down under 2010, Peter J. Dean


What's Wrong with Anzac? [Book Review], Peter J. Dean

Is faith a ‘no go area’ in modern politics? A case study of newly elected MPs in Western Australia’s state parliament, Martin Drum


Religious actors, civil society, and the development agenda: The dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, Duncan McDuie-Ra and John A. Rees


All the way with LBJ, Camilla Nelson

Ideas and Ideology - A review, Camilla Nelson


The invention of creativity: the emergence of a discourse, Camilla Nelson


A prayer for strength, Odhran P. O'Brien

Submissions from 2009


A reluctant hero: L-Cpl Patrick Goggin MM: The story of one man’s war on the Western Front 1916-1918, Peter J. Dean

Installing the game: Gameplay in the installation T_Visionarium, Melissa Milton-Smith

Whispers in the corridors, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Best practice? The problem of peer reviewed creative practice research, Camilla Nelson

Using expressive arts to work with mind, body and emotions, Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson

Emotional intelligence and the performing arts: Crossing disciplinary boundaries, Ralf Rauker, Chris Skinner, and Robyn Bett

L`avenir des services publics aborigènes australiens au-delà de l`assimilation ou de l`autodétermination, Patrick Sullivan


The Greek language in contact with English in Australia, Anastasios M. Tamis


The Greek language in the Diaspora/ La langue Grecque en Diaspora, Anastasios M. Tamis

Courageous listening, responsibility for the other and the Northern Territory intervention, Cate Thill

Submissions from 2008


Using Foucauldian perspectives to enable the reading/speaking/writing of mal/adjustment as moral subjects, Robbie Busch and Leigh Coombes


Man of might: Brigadier Berryman and the battles of Merdjayoun and Jezzine, Syria, 1941, Peter J. Dean

2008 Horizon Report: Australia-New Zealand, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Digital (Art)iculations: Re-imagining History at Australia’s Old Parliament House, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Research through practice: A reply to Paul Dawson, Camilla Nelson

You can't write a social novel after September 11, Camilla Nelson

The factor structure and validity of the Learning Styles Profiler (LSP), Peter J. O'Connor and Chris J. Jackson

Using expressive counselling tools to enhance emotional literacy, emotional wellbeing and resilience: Improving therapeutic outcomes with Expressive Therapies, Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson


Spectrality in indigenous women’s cinema: Tracey Moffatt and Beck Cole, Gerry Turcotte

Submissions from 2007


Fences, furrows, ditches and settlement policy: Rapid landscape change in the Swan River colony, Shane F. Burke

Faking it: History and creative writing, Camilla Nelson


Religion and politics in review, John Rees

Submissions from 2006


Playing Shakespeare, Jane M. Bergeron

Diplomacy interrupted?: Macmahon Ball, Evatt and Labor's policies in occupied Japan, Christine M. de Matos

Indigenous knowledge in the workplace: A workshop for indigenous practitioners, Stephen Kinnane and Peter Read

Sharon's Wall and the dialectics of inside/outside, Deborah J. Pike


Book Review: John Carey, What Good Are the Arts?, Hayden Ramsay


The Shi'ites, the West and the future of democracy: Reframing political change in a religio-secular world, John Rees

Submissions from 2005

New directions in Australian Hip Hop, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Navigating through time in Bulmurn, A Swan River Nyoongar, Angeline O'Neill

Submissions from 2004

Developing a residential programme for children in response to trauma-related behaviours, Suzanne Jenkins


Creative resistance: Globalisation and digital art, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Submissions from 2003


The Kelly Gang reborn: The first Australian mounted unit to see active service in the Second World War, Peter J. Dean

Submissions from 2002

The forgotten man: Lieut.-General Sir Frank Berryman, Peter J. Dean

Are children protected in the Family Court? A perspective from Western Australia, Suzanne Jenkins

Submissions from 2001

Encouraging 'Democracy' in a Cold War Climate: The dual-platform policy approach of Evatt and Labor toward the Allied Occupation of Japan 1945-1949, Christine M. de Matos

What is East Perth’s heritage?, Melissa D. Milton-Smith

Self, king and country, Tom Stannage and Deborah Gare

Submissions from 2000

Napoleon as a military commander: The limitations of genius, Peter J. Dean

Britishness in recent Australian historiography, Deborah Gare