About This Journal

The University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review

The University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review is an open access, peer-reviewed journal. It is administered by the School of Law, to advance the Objects of the University. Specifically, it seeks to promote excellence in scholarship, research and training for the legal profession.

The UNDA Law Review will advance the Objects of the University by encouraging, and providing a platform for, excellent legal scholarship. In keeping with the University’s dual focus on research and professional training, the journal will publish articles on legal practice, legal theory and the nexus between the two. Good theory must work in practice. Equally, good legal practice ought to have an explicable theoretical basis.

The UNDA Law Review welcomes submissions on all legal topics, and in particular;

  • Law reform
  • Legal ethics, professional ethics, ethics and the law
  • Bioethics and the law
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Legal education and professional training
  • Critical legal theory and analysis - particularly of legal doctrines
  • Theories of law and their practical implications