Book Review: Only One Way? Three Christian Responses on the Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Plural World


In this book the authors have produced a fascinating example of dialogue. It is fascinating because it demonstrates, on the one hand, examples of friendship in ecumenical dialogue between: D'Costa (Roman Catholic of an orthodox persuasion) and Knitter (Roman Catholic of a liberal persuasion); and D'Costa and Strange (Conservative Evangelical Protestant). Particularly D'Costa and Strange share a profound mutuality and a growing theological bond. Not surprisingly, Strange shows that his Protestant Reformed orthodoxy is far closer to D'Costa's Catholicism than to Knitter's. On the other hand, the book puts friendship to the test. Dramatically, the boundaries of dialogue are expanded through candid and cutting criticisms, apologetical disputations and bold, insightful and at times almost wounding deconstructions of one another's theological beliefs and positions. The comedy of the dialogical drama comes to light where each tirelessly tries to advocate their portrait of the ‘Christ of faith’ over others, yet a tragedy remains where each fall victim to their personal criticisms of one another.


religion, dialogue, theology, D'Costa, Knitter, Strange, pluralism, inclusivism, eclusivism

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