Exploring lived experiences of Indian immigrants and their counsellors: A qualitative study


This study aimed to examine the experience of Indian people living in Australia who have accessed counselling interventions and the counsellors’ experience of assisting Indian clients in a counselling setting. This was a qualitative study employing interpretative phenomenological analysis to study the lived experiences of counselling provision for Indian clients in Australia. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to gather the experiences of the counsellors and Indian clients. The analysis of the data revealed four key themes emerged from the Indian client participant group: (1) understanding of counselling; (2) counselling benefits; (3) challenges of counselling; and, (4) therapeutic relationship. Three key themes which emerged from the counsellor participants group were: (1) challenges of counselling; (2) therapeutic relationship; and (3) counsellors’ knowledge. Overall, the findings suggest that despite some challenges, counselling was useful for Indian immigrants into Australia.


counselling, immigrants, multicultural counselling, therapeutic alliance, counsellors’ knowledge

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