There is a considerable body of literature which supports the value of international placements, however there is little reported in the literature where these experiences have been in remote third world countries. This presentation will present the experiences of the students and their clinical supervisors who traveled to the remote Highlands of Vietnam to provide health assessment clinics and health education in schools.

The objectives were to provide the opportunity for students to develop professionally and personally through:

• Experiencing a clinical placement within a health care system other than the Australian system

• Working within a health care system delivering care to patient & communities where ethnicity, culture, spiritual values, economic and social factors were unfamiliar.

The specific student objectives were to:

• Identify similarities and differences between the Vietnamese and Australian Healthcare system

• Identify strategies that facilitate the provision of nursing care and communication to patients/ families/ communities in a different ethnic and cultural context

• Evaluate their clinical practice using the framework of the ANMC Competencies for RNs

• Reflect and identify personal challenges and growth opportunities during the placement.

To evaluate if the aims and objectives we held focus groups with the students pre, during and post experience. In these groups the students’ perceptions and expectations were explored and discussed. The students also completed a pre and post survey and as well, students were observed in the clinical context throughout their practicum.

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