Development of an International Pediatric Oncology Research Network: Setting the stage for international collaborative psychosocial-behavioral research


Statement of the Purpose. Children and families at all stages of the cancer trajectory will potentially experience much suffering and long-term psychosocial-behavioral consequences. Although individual investigators have contributed to the knowledge about quality of life, coping, and psychosocial functioning in these individuals the overall impact of this work on the quality of care and quality of life has been minimal. Throughout the world, families of children with cancer still experience many similar problems in the psychosocial-behavioral care of children with cancer. There is an urgent need to bring together international scholars who are concerned with, and committed to, advancing the knowledge base of psychosocial-behavioral issues in childhood cancer. The objectives of this presentation are to: 1) describe the establishment and ongoing development of the collaborative network; 2) describe the strengths and limitations to working within an International Pediatric Oncology Research Network; 3) identify key international research priorities in the psychosocial-behavioral care of children with cancer and their families; 4) outline future directions of the network; and 5) describe a model of multi-site collaboration that has the potential for replication in other areas.

Methods Used. The process of setting the stage for international research is guided by the experiential knowledge of the network members. The network brings together international scholars, all of whom have research programs in pediatric oncology using diverse methodologies. A panel discussion involving the network members will help to highlight their philosophy and aims to belonging to the network.

Conclusions. It is the aim of the network to provide an exciting discussion about engaging in, and developing, international research directed towards the psychosocialbehavioral study of children and families affected by cancer.


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