The Feasibility of using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Tool in a HF population group


Increasing evidence suggests that health care systems are failing to meet the needs of people with heart failure (HF), yet within this discussion solutions are less evident. Significantly, many of the criticisms of patients and their families relate to the failure of individual clinicians and systems to provide adequate appropriate information and resources to communicate effectively. Assessing cognitive competence is an important part of tailoring and targeting information. Currently there is minimal data supporting the use of cognitive assessment tools in the older HF population group. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) was designed as a rapid screening instrument for mild cognitive dysfunction which allows for early identification. We are currently taking a study to explore the feasibility of using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in a recently hospitalised older heart failure population. Early identification will allow for strategies to put in place to avoid hospitalisation, promotes consumer choice and individual autonomy, decrease risk of falls, drug interactions and iatrogenesis. This presentation will present preliminary data and the feasibility and acceptability of cognitive screening in the cardiology setting and the implications for cardiovascular nursing.


Oral Presentation


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The Author:

Dr Louise Hickman