As educators it is our responsibility that we not only teach our students sustainability strategies but also practices to sustain them in a world that is ever changing. This study addresses the theme of this conference because it deals with teaching students strategies to equip themselves with practices that will impact on their role as professionals. This pilot study aimed to assess effectiveness of a 3 week self-care intervention program from the perspective of 3rd year nursing students at the University of Notre Dame Australia. The methodological approach underpinning the study was Descriptive and the students were engaged as active participants in the study with the aim of having a positive impact on the lives of the participants. The study sought student nurse participants who would be involved in 3, 1 hour instructional sessions. All students were given the opportunity to participate in the research. Students who consented to participate were given a pre-questionnaire followed by three 1 hour instruction on self-care. On completion of the third session, students were asked to complete the post-questionnaire and were invited to participate in a focus group interview. This paper will present the findings from this innovative pilot project. Recommendations from this study were included as part of the University’s strategy to promote and facilitate students self-care abilities.


Peer-reviewed, Published in Full, Nursing, Guided Imagery, Students, Nursing Education, Sustainability


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