Interactive video analysis program was used as a teaching and assessment tool in an undergraduate nursing curriculum at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Using a software program, students were required to code their footage into predetermined categories according to competencies set out for that skill. They could then review, reflect, and critically annotate their performance of the skill. The software program is designed to provide immediate analysis and student feedback, exemplify key lecture content, and moderate student performance.

It was decided that two 1st year nursing skills would be piloted. The lecturer was videoed demonstrating a particular skill and a copy of the video was posted on the blackboard learning environment for all students to access throughout the semester. Students were videoed individually as they performed the skill for the first time during the laboratory sessions. This video footage was given to them to critically analyse and reflect by way of coding into pre-determined categories and comparing with the video demonstration on blackboard. For the assessment, students in the study were assessed using the video method and the remainder of the cohort were assessed in the traditional way.

An evaluation was conducted at the end of semester. This paper will discuss an innovative method of teaching and assessing students nursing skills in the laboratory setting. The pros and cons of using a software program will be highlighted along with recommendations for the future.


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