Australian medical radiation practitioners perspectives of continuing professional development: An online cross-sectional study


Introduction: Continuing professional development (CPD) is mandatory forregistered Australian medical radiation practitioners (MRPs) to maintaincompetence in their respective scopes of practice. The aim of this study was toexplore MRPs attitudes, opinions and satisfaction towards CPD activitiesoffered by the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy(ASMIRT).

Methods: An online cross-sectional survey was emailed to 6398ASMIRT members and included questions on: demographics, ASMIRT CPDactivities, learning mode preferences, barriers and perceptions of CPDoutcomes. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and chi-square tests.

Results:The survey was completed by 1018 MRPs. While MRPs were satisfiedwith face-to-face CPD quality (n=540, 58.1%) and provision (n=492,55.3%), they were dissatisfied with the quantity of online CPD activities(n=577, 65.1%) delivered by ASMIRT. Online learning was the mostpreferred mode of CPD delivery (n=749, 74.2%), followed by face-to-face(n=643, 64.0%) and collaborative learning (n=539, 53.4%). Youngerparticipants (19–35 years) had positive opinions regarding ASMIRT CPDactivities and outcomes. Access to professional development leave (PDL)supported achievement of mandatory CPD requirements (P

Conclusions: Many MRPs experienced barriers which preventedthem from participating in CPD. Provision of more online CPD activities byASMIRT and access to PDL can assist. Future improvements will ensure MRPsremain motivated to engage in CPD to improve clinical skills, patient safetyand health outcomes.


Continuing Professional Development(CPD), lifelong learning, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, online learning, professional education, radiation therapy

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