Nulungu Research Week

Nulungu Research Week


Nulungu Research Week celebrates a collaboration with ECU’s Centre for People, Place and Planet (CPPP) and UQAM’s Interdisciplinary Research Group on Contemporary Indigenous Affirmations (GRIAAC). All Research Week events are online, and background themes are: The Nulungu Way and Innovative Kimberley Methodologies in Practice: Get Up, Show Up, Stand Up.

The Nulungu Way is based on relationships of trust, openness, respect and recognition of Indigenous rights, values, culture and governance and upholding values of social justice.

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Welcome to the 2023 Nulungu Research Week, May 29th to June 1st
Welcome to the 2022 Nulungu Research Week, September 27 to 30

The 2021 Nulungu Research Week was held 31 May to 4 June.