Nulungu Journal Articles



Submissions from 2023

A tale of two rivers - Baaka and Martuwarra, Australia: Shared voices and art towards water justice, William Bates, Long Chu, Hozaus Claire, Matthew Colloff, Robert Cotton, Ruby Davies, Libby Larsen, Glenn Loughrey, Ana Manero, Virginia Marshall, Sarah Martin, Nhat-Mai Nguyen, William Nikolakis, Anne Poelina, Daniel Schultz, Katherine Taylor, John Williams, Paul Wyrwoll, and Quentin Grafton

Learning to care for Dangaba, Anne Poelina, Yin Paradies, Sandra Wooltorton, Edwin Mulligan, Laurie Guimond, Libby Jackson-Barrett, and Mindy Blaise

Feeling and hearing Country as research method, Anne Poelina, Marlikka Perdrisat, Sandra Wooltorton, and Edwin Mulligan


Walk to country, talk to country, Anne Poelina, Sandra Wooltorton, Mindy Blaise, and Len Collard

Research and education in the Kimberley: A local perspective, Catherine Ridley

Submissions from 2022

Ethics guidelines use and Indigenous governance and participation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research: a national survey, Luke J. Burchill, Aneta Kotevski, Daniel L.M. Duke, Jeanette Ward, Megan Prictor, Karen E. Lamb, and Michelle Kennedy


Enablers and barriers to non-dispensing pharmacist integration into the primary health care teams of Aboriginal community-controlled health services, Aaron Drovandi, Deborah Smith, Robyn Preston, Lucy Morris, Priscilla Page, Lindy Swain, Erik Biros, Megan Tremlett, Hannah Loller, Mike Stephens, Alice Nugent, Fran Vaughan, and Sophia Couzos

Embedded in the bark: Kimberley boab trees as sites of historical archaeology, Ursula K. Frederick, Jane Balme, Jeffrey Jamieson, Melissa Marshall, and Sue O'Connor

Community Development: Pathways Towards Socio-Ecological Change, Anne Jennings

Regeneration time: Ancient wisdom for planetary wellbeing, Anne Poelina, Sandra Wooltorton, Mindy Blaise, Catrina Luz Aniere, Pierre Horwitz, Peta J. White, and Stephen Muecke

The determinants of planetary health: an Indigenous consensus perspective, Nicole Redvers, Yuria Celidwen, Clinton Schultz, Ojistoh Horn, Cicilia Githaiga, Melissa Vera, Marlikka Perdrisat, Lynn Mad Plume, Daniel M. Kobei, Myrna Cunningham, Anne Poelina, Juan Nelson Rojas, and Be’sha Blondin

A well-being framework for cross-cultural assessment of development scenarios: A case study from North-Western Australia, Kenneth Wallace, Milena Kiatkoski Kim, Jorge G. Álvarez-Romero, David Pannell, Rosemary Hill, and Melissa Marshall

Learning regenerative cultures: Indigenous nations in higher education renewal in Australia, Sandra Wooltorton, John Guenther, Anne Poelina, Mindy Blaise, Len Collard, and Peta White

Aboriginal Nation: A strong Kimberley tertiary education narrative, Sandra Wooltorton, John Guenther, Judith Wilks, and Anna Dwyer

Voicing rivers, Sandra Wooltorton, Laurie Guimond, Peter Reason, Anne Poelina, and Pierre Horwitz

Submissions from 2021


Aboriginal student engagement and success in Kimberley tertiary education, John Guenther, Anna Dwyer, Sandra Wooltorton, and Judith Wilks

Rethinking the use of 'vulnerable', Stephanie C. Munari, Alyce N. Wilson, Ngaree J. Blow, Caroline S.E Homer, and Jeanette Ward


Renewable energy development on the Indigenous Estate: Free, prior and informed consent and best practice in agreement-making in Australia, Lily O'Neill, Kathryn Thorburn, Bradley Riley, Ganur Maynard, Esme Shirlow, and Janet Hunt


Hydropoetics: The rewor(l)ding of rivers, John Ryan

Submissions from 2020

The first Australian plant foods at Madjedbebe, 65,000–53,000 years ago, S Anna Florin, Andrew S. Fairbairn, May Nango, Djaykuk Djandjomerr, Ben Marwick, Richard Fullagar, Mike Smith, Lynley A. Wallis, and Chris Clarkson

Réactions à la pandémie de la COVID-19 dans les communautés aborigènes de la région des Kimberley en Australie-Occidentale, Melissa Marshall, Sandra Wooltorton, Kate Golson, Anna Dwyer, Gillian Kennedy, Uweinna Albert, Maria Morgan, Laurie Guimond, Anne Poelina, and Patrick Sullivan

Process evaluation of an implementation trial to improve the triage, treatment and transfer of stroke patients in emergency departments (T3 trial): A qualitative study, Elizabeth McInnes, Simeon Dale, Louise Craig, Rosemary Phillips, Oyebola Fasugba, Verena Schadewaldt, N. Wah Cheung, Dominique A. Cadilhac, Jeremy M. Grimshaw, Chris Levi, Julie Considine, Patrick McElduff, Richard Gerraty, Mark Fitzgerald, Jeanette Ward, Catherine D'Este, and Sandy Middleton

Feeling and hearing country, Anne Poelina, Sandra Wooltorton, Sandra Harben, Len Collard, Pierre Horwitz, and David Palmer

Communicable disease outbreaks: Contact tracing, Jeanette E. Ward

Communicable disease outbreaks: Describing an epidemic, Jeanette E. Ward

Communicable disease outbreaks: Ethics in an outbreak, Jeanette E. Ward

Communicable disease outbreaks: The bigger picture, Jeanette E. Ward

Communicable disease outbreaks: What is a case?, Jeanette E. Ward

'We got a different way of learning' A message to the sector from Aboriginal students living and studying in remote communities, Judith Wilks, Anna Dwyer, Sandra Wooltorton, and John Guenther

Book Review: Australian Wetland Cultures: Swamps and the Environmental Crisis, Sandra Wooltorton and Len Collard


Sharing a place-based indigenous methodology and learnings, Sandra Wooltorton, Len Collard, Pierre Horwitz, Anne Poelina, and David Palmer

Becoming family with place, Sandra Wooltorton, Anne Poelina, Len Collard, Pierre Horwitz, Sandra Harben, and David Palmer


Learning cycles: Enriching ways of knowing place, Sandra Wooltorton, Peta White, Marilyn Palmer, and Len Collard

Submissions from 2019

The Nguudu Barndimanmanha Project - Improving social and emotional wellbeing in Aboriginal youth through equine assisted learning, Juli Coffin

Indigenous rock art tourism in Australia: Contexts, trajectories, and multifaceted realities, Noelene A. Cole and Lynley A. Wallis

Review of Aboriginal child health services in remote Western Australia identifies challenges and informs solutions, Philippa J. Dossetor, Kathryn Thorburn, June Oscar, Maureen Carter, James Fitzpatrick, Carol Bower, John Boulton, Emily Fitzpatrick, Jane Latimer, Elizabeth J. Elliott, and Alexandra L.C Martiniuk


‘Food as Commons’ within an Australian Aboriginal context, Anne Jennings


'Growing' food and community in the remote Kimberley region, Anne Jennings


Living water: Groundwater and wetlands in Gnangara, Noongar boodjar, Sandra Wooltorton, Len Collard, and Pierre Horwitz

Submissions from 2017


Case Studies of Training Advantage for Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Learners. Support Document., John Guenther, Melodie Bat, Anne Stephens, Janet Skewes, Bob Boughton, Frances Williamson, Sandra Wooltorton, Melissa Marshall, and Anna Dwyer


Enhancing Training Advantage for Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learners. Research Report., John Guenther, Melodie Bat, Anne Stephens, Janet Skewes, Bob Boughton, Frances Williamson, Sandra Wooltorton, Melissa Marshall, and Anna Dwyer


Embodying our future through collaboration: The change is in the doing, M Palmer, P White, and S Wooltorton


The land still speaks: Ni, katitj!, Sandra Wooltorton, Len Collard, and Pierre Horwitz