Eagles' doctor gives med students GP advice

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Media Release

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Spring 20-9-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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The Medical Student Association at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle (MSAND) has introduced a guest speakers program giving the medical student body an opportunity to hear from a range of health care professionals.

Recently the group organised a sports clinic evening for all medical students, which included presentations from prominent sports doctor for the West Coast Eagles, Dr Rod Moore and Notre Dame clinical lecturer, Dr Helen Wilcox.

The evening started with Dr Wilcox talking on the many positives and few negatives of working as a general practitioner (GP). She emphasised the importance of a GP’s work, squashing the notion that being one is just a ‘vocation of handing out scripts.’

The night continued with Dr Moore speaking about specialising as a GP after gaining a sound clinical background. He then carried out a telecast suturing lesson on an unfortunate pig’s trotter.

Student, Simon Smith, was impressed with Dr Moore’s presentation, “His anecdotal stories about life as a sports medical officer were extremely relevant and most certainly a learning experience.”

After the suturing lesson the attendees were split into four groups either to perform sports taping for acute injuries or to practise suturing on more pig’s trotters!

“All in all I think the evening was a great success. MSAND created what is for many, part of the ever growing ethos of quality, outside the square learning, that Notre Dame offers,” said Mr Smith.