Grand Final Déjà Vu for Touch Football Side

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Media Release

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Winter 19-6-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broome Campus touch football team, the Hunchbacks, lost their second grand final in as many seasons on June 16.
It was déjà vu for the Hunchbacks who were again beaten 6-5 by their nemesis the Rising Stars in extra time.

With the game tied at 5-5, the same score as the previous season, the Hunchbacks where denied a try on the final play of the game sending the game into the extra time drop off period were every few minutes a player from each side is required to leave the field until there is a score. The teams were reduced to four players before the final try came.

But the coincidences didn’t end with the full time siren. Earlier the Hunchbacks had gone into half time with a 3-1 lead, the season before it was 3-0. Last year the side played the game without any female substitutions and this year it was the turn of the males with practical placements and injury meaning no rest for the boys for the majority of the game, played in 30C heat.
It was a heroic effort from the Hunchback side, who were huge underdogs against the undefeated Rising Stars.

There was plenty to celebrate during the presentations however with the Hunchback’s Kristie Ballagh awarded the grand final’s Most Valuable Female Player and Mike Doyle winning the season MVP. The majority of the team will remain together for the next season and will be hoping it is third time lucky.