Mother, Daughter Graduation at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Summer 11-1-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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2006 Student Association President, Sophie Ecker and her mother Julie Ecker, graduated from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle at the December Graduation ceremony.

Sophie and Julie Ecker had been studying together at the University for the last three years - Sophie studying a Bachelor of Law and Commerce and Julie completing a Bachelor of Counselling and a Bachelor of Applied Psychology.

Sophie said it was really fun sharing the university experience with her mum. She felt there was a perfect balance between her own independence and going to Notre Dame with a parent.

“At University we became equals. Mum and I have a special understanding about what it means to be a student at Notre Dame. It was so nice to feel that when I tell her about my day she really knows what I’m talking about,” said Sophie.

One of Julie’s biggest challenges with studying was overcoming the fact she knew nothing about computers, and was very grateful she had her daughter there to help understand them.

“In the beginning of her degree it would take mum a week just to type out her assignment, and she would constantly ask me to help work the computer, now, at the end of our degrees, she knows more about Power Point than I do!” said Sophie.

This year there were three ceremonies for Graduation. Julie and Sophie were able to graduate together in the last ceremony.

“Mum and I were the last students to leave graduation. Our feet were hurting so much from standing in our heels all day, so we took them off and took a last stroll through the University and Fremantle as students…together. That is something I will always remember,” said Sophie.