Notre Dame students perform at Sydney Writers' Festival

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Media Release

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Fall 23-5-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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11 students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus showcased their creative writing skills this week at the prestigious 2008 Sydney Writers’ Festival.

The annual event, which features many of the world’s greatest writers, was once again held at the Walsh Bay facilities on Sydney Harbour and attracted over 100,000 visitors.

The Arts and Sciences and Education students performed poems, monologues and shorts stories in front of a capacity crowd in the renowned Bangarra Dance Studio.

Executive Dean of Arts and Sciences, Sydney and event coordinator, Professor Gerry Turcotte, commented, “The students were brilliant! It wasn’t just the quality of the individual written works that was on display, but also the high level of their performance skills. They were poised and professional. Simply outstanding.”

Most of the readings performed on the day also appear in a new anthology of the students’ creative works. The book, Light Reflecting off a White Surface, co-edited by Arts student Sirena Beveridge and Professor Turcotte, features the work of 19 student writers from the University and was available for sale at the festival.

“Needless to say I hope this will become an annual event, and I’d love the anthology — and who knows, the readings as well — to include Fremantle and Broome students in the future,” said Professor Turcotte.

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