Outstanding student's year topped by graduation

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Media Release

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Summer 13-12-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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Coordinating a festival which attracted over 5,000 visitors to the West End of Fremantle, graduating from nursing, and, completing a Pre-Medicine Certificate were just some of the achievements for the 2010 Student Association President, Amy Rosario, this year.

Ms Rosario is a high achiever who has not only been active academically but also has contributed significantly to the student and University Community throughout the year.

As President of The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Student Association, she was instrumental in redefining its role as a student organisation in the context of what it means to a Catholic university.

Another important initiative led by Ms Rosario was the Mary MacKillop Festival which was held in October to celebrate the canonisation of Australia's first Saint.

"The spirit of the festival embodied the community nature of this special campus," Ms Rosario said.

"The way that one event brought together staff and students and the community was completely unique to any other event held so far and to be a part of this will remain a highlight of my time at Notre Dame."

For Ms Rosario, the year has been a full one to say the least, not only has she completed her academic responsibilities and the many practicums required to graduate from nursing, but she has also successfully undertaken the University's Pre-Medicine Certificate which has assisted her in achieving her goal to study Medicine at Notre Dame.

"Amy has been an exemplary student leader and wonderful contributor to the University," said Vice Chancellor Professor Celia Hammond.

"She truly is an inspirational young woman whose quiet determination to do her best is to be admired. I congratulate her for all of her achievements whilst a student at Notre Dame and wish her well for what will be no doubt an exciting and successful future."

For the first time in the University's history, graduation ceremonies have been held over three days of celebrations commencing with a Mass on Thursday 11 December.

Over 900 graduates were joined by their families, guests and staff as they gathered across the four ceremonies to share in the celebrations.

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