In Memoriam: Sir Ian Brownlie CBE QC (19 September 1932 - 3 January 2010)

Sir Ian Brownlie, QC, aptly described as ‘[a] titan in the crowded field of international law’, died tragically in a road accident while on holiday in Cairo in January 2010. Best known to generations of law students across the world as author of Principles of Public International Law, Brownie was also a skillful advocate. Dealing firstly with his legal scholarship, Principles of Public International Law has been accurately described as the ‘most well established and authoritative textbook on international law on the market.’ Brownlie’s other works include: International Law and the Use of Force by States (1963) [his PhD thesis and first book]; Basic Documents in International Law (1967) (6th ed., 2008); Basic Documents on Human Rights (1971) (5th ed., 2006); African Boundaries: A Legal and Diplomatic Encyclopedia (1979); System of the Law of Nations: State Responsibility (1983); and The Reality of International Law: Essays in Honour of Ian Brownlie (1999), co-edited by Guy S Goodwin-Gill, Stefan Talmon and Brownlie himself.

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