Submissions from 2021


Effectively communicating comprehensive tumor genomic profiling results: Mitigating uncertainty for advanced cancer patients, Nicci Bartley, Megan C. Best, Barbara B. Biesecker, Alana Fisher, David Goldstein, Bettina Meiser, David M. Thomas, Mandy L. Ballinger, and Phyllis Butow

Submissions from 2020


Advanced cancer patient preferences for receiving molecular profiling results, Megan Best, Phyllis Butow, Chris Jacobs, Ilona Juraskova, Jacqueline Savard, Bettina Meiser, David Goldstein, Mandy Ballinger, Nicci Bartley, Christine Napier, Grace Davies, David Thomas, Kathy Tucker, Timothy Schlub, and Ainsley J. Newson

An EAPC white paper on multi-disciplinary education for spiritual care in palliative care, Megan Best, Carlo Leget, Andrew Goodhead, and Piret Paal


Effectiveness of spiritual care training for rehabilitation professionals: An exploratory controlled trial, Kate Fiona Jones, Julie Pryor, Candice Care-Unger, Joseph Descallar, and Grahame Kenneth Simpson


"Spirituality is everybody's business": An exploration of the impact of spiritual care training upon the perceptions and practice of rehabilitation professionals, Kate Fiona Jones, Julie Pryor, Candice Care-Unger, and Grahame Simpson


Reconsidering the rule of consideration: Probabilistic knowledge and legal proof, Timothy Smartt

Submissions from 2019

Protestant Christian attitudes to ART, Megan Best, M Sleasman, E Hegedus, and Timothy E. Schlub

Religion in coalition: Balancing moderate and progressive politics in the Sydney Alliance, Rosemary Hancock