Research-based literature indicates that secondary school mathematics performance is highly predictive of university performance Moreover, scholars suggest that success in secondary mathematics courses translates into success in tertiary degrees where mathematics is required. This paper examines the extent to which the completion of secondary school mathematics courses is predictive of academic success for 57 first-year students enrolled in a Health Science degree at The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) (Fremantle Campus). Using the University’s databases, the level of mathematics completed at secondary school was examined against gender, Tertiary Entrance Ranking (TER) and Grade Point Average (GPA). A statistical analysis of collected data revealed that irrespective of gender, students who completed 3C3D mathematics at secondary school had a significantly (p = .00) higher GPA, than those students who had studied level 2C2D mathematics. These findings are discussed briefly in light of the current literature presented.


mathematics, mathematics competency, undergraduate health sciences

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