This paper provides some initial findings from a current longitudinal study that examines the implementation of a 1:1 laptop program in a school for boys in Perth, Western Australia. One issue that has emerged from the study is the problem of managing student distraction. The school in this study has taken a proactive approach to managing student conduct on its own network. Two student monitoring initiatives were implemented during the course of the research. The first: parental control software sought to integrate the parental control features of the laptops with the school network. The second initiative: e-safe is a web tracking service that records suspicious searches and URLs that students visit. When used in tandem, these tools were shown to have a marked impact on the conduct of students in using their laptops. This paper describes these initiatives including their effect on the broader school community, and suggests some ways in which student distraction can be best managed in future practice.


Published in Full, 1:1 mobile learning, monitoring, distraction, Internet, gaming, pornography


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Dr Frank Bate

Dr Jean MacNish

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