Strategy to educate nurses for the profession


One of the Objects of the University of Notre Dame Australia is the provision of excellent standard of training for the professions and pastoral care for its students. An identified area of need was the literacy skills of students. Towards this end, the University recently created its Academic Enabling and Support Centre (AESC). One of the Centre's goals is to diagnose and implement strategies to strengthen literacy skills of students entering courses at the University. The School of Nursing in conjunction with AESC decided to pilot a project that would identify 'at risk' students and support them in keeping with the University's Objects. The following paper addresses the diagnosis of inadequate literacy skills and the support mechanisms implemented to deal with this issue. The paper fits in perfectly with the theme of this Teaching and Learning Forum, Developing student skills for the next decade. The focus of our strategy is to prepare students not just for the next decade but to prepare them to work in the Nursing Profession.


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The Authors:

Associate Professor Keith McNaught

Professor Selma Alliex