The Le@rning Federation was created in order to assist educational facilities to provide 21st century education to school students. This study introduced and investigated the use of learning objects that were created by, and digital resources that were negotiated by The Le@rning Federation and their use in a technology unit in pre-service teacher education. This study involved 225 students from the Sydney campus of the University of Notre Dame Australia, with students signing up to The Le@rning Federation’s e-content website. This gave them access to the content in the website for the entire year from any computer with Internet access. Use of learning objects was embedded into the unit with students given the opportunity to add them into an assignment as well as use them in class. A qualitative research methodology was used for this study, with students responding to an online questionnaire. Results indicate that pre-service teachers respond positively to having access to The Le@rning Federation’s online content. They also indicate that they will access this digital content when on practicum and in their classes in the future.


Peer-reviewed, Published in Full, Learning objects, The Le@rning Federation, pre-service education, digital curriculum resources


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