The role of play within Western Australian (WA) schools has been the subject of much debate since the publication, in 2016, of The Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Discussion Paper which called for a WA Play Strategy in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). The Discussion Paper was the result of a 2013 consultation of ECA’s WA based members. The members identified a noteworthy limitation to the opportunities that young children in WA have to play and that these opportunities are diminishing. Other significant organisations active within ECEC policy and practice in WA, including family, child and educator representation groups, publically agreed with this ascertain (Hesterman, Targowska & Howitt 2016). ECA agreed to advocate for play through the creation of a WA Play Strategy Initiative. Since the publication of the Discussion Paper in 2016, there have been further significant developments.


WA Play Strategy, Western Australian Play Strategy, play-based learning, play pedagogy, Australian education policy and play, diminishing play opportunities, defining play, defining play-based learning


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