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Does the numeracy project obviate the need for mathematics intervention?


In early 2000 the Ministry of Education in New Zealand introduced the Early Numeracy Project in primary schools. This is part of the Numeracy Development Project (NDP), the focus of which is 'improving student performance in mathematics through improving the professional capability of teachers' (Ministry of Education, 2006, p. ii). This co-operative action research mathematics intervention study evaluated the mathematics programme offered to the lowest achievers in mathematics at one primary school and related it to children's mathematics concept development as assessed by the Numeracy Project Assessment (NumPA). Comparison is made between the reading intervention programme offered and provision for mathematics intervention at that school. Children in the lowest 17% of the Year 1 and Year 2 students at the school showed gains on the NumPA after completing the intervention programme compared with peers across the whole of New Zealand who were involved in only the Numeracy Project.



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