The L.E.A.D. Project: Leading Educational Achievement Through Dialogue 2010 is the report of the research team from the University of Notre Dame Australia funded by the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program. It is a multi-site case study which gathered data on high performing secondary schools in the Catholic system of Western Australia The data was gathered from 9 secondary schools in the Catholic system. All Principals and Deputy Principals (Curriculum) were interviewed for the study. Focus groups of Heads of Learning were interviewed, in total 32 Heads of Learning participated. Focus groups of teachers were interviewed, in total 38 teachers participated in the interviews. Focus groups of recent past students were interviewed, in total 26 past students participated in the interviews. Focus groups of parents were interviewed, in total 28 parents participated. In addition a 21 item Likert scale survey was used to gather data from all teachers in the 9 schools in the study, a total of 447 teachers responded to the Likert scale (Appendix A).

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