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Readiness, roles, and responsibilities of stakeholders for sustainable mobile learning adoption in higher education


The extant literature on mobile learning in higher education has mainly focused on students and academics. This study conducted in a Nigerian university considered a wider group of stakeholders (students, academics, IT personnel, and administrative leaders) in its investigation of stakeholders’ awareness, willingness, and readiness for mobile learning adoption, using a mixed methods approach. The findings revealed that while the awareness of mobile learning amongst students was low, they were keen on adoption. Academics were more tentative, for while they were willing, it was clear that a shift in their teaching philosophy and pedagogy would be required for mobile learning to work effectively. For those in IT and administrative leadership roles, their perceptions were more resource-focused. While this study only considered the views of internal stakeholders, it also uncovered the need for the involvement of external stakeholders. Building on these findings, a strategy table which outlines the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group was created. The table provides a blueprint which otherwise has been missing, to guide sustainable mobile learning adoption and implementation not only in higher education in developing countries, but which may have more global appeal.


mobile learning, adoption, sustainable implementation, stakeholders, roles and responsibilities

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