This article presents a multifaceted reflection on the different prevailing strategies to obtain knowledge in the educational system. In an effort to illustrate this complex process, the paradox of the grasshoppers and caterpillars are brought in their applications to the education system. This paradox has great relevance in the contemporary educational system because it points to a process that will alter the foundations of teaching and learning particularly in this age where ICT have achieved highly sophisticated levels. Grasshoppers’ dispositions — intuitive oriented, non-lineal and proactive—and those from the caterpillars — structured, predictive and reactive — have a profound and permanent impact on the dynamics of the relationship between teacher and student. This brief reflection concludes with recommendations as pointing out strategies to stimulate the academic potential of grasshoppers and caterpillars in the educational system.


paradoxes, grasshopper, caterpillar, learning, school


© 2017 Páginas de Educación. Reproduced in ResearchOnline@ND with permission.

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