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Development of a mobile-optimised website to support students with special needs transitioning from primary to secondary settings


With an increasing number of students with special needs being included in regular classroom environments, consideration of, and planning for, a smooth transition between different school settings is important for parents, classroom teachers and school administrators. The transition between primary and secondary school can be difficult for students with special needs, particularly in the areas of organisation and social interaction. Technology can be used to assist students to make this transition more effectively and may work to minimise any difficulties involved in the transition. In this article the authors describe transition considerations, and technology use for students with special needs and how technology may be used to address transition issues.

The authors conclude by detailing the initial development process of a mobile-optimised website to support students with special needs who re transitioning from a primary to secondary environment in an Australian context. Future directions for the use of the website are explored.


students with special needs, transition, technology, primary to secondary

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