Submissions from 2024

SMEs tax minimization as shared responsibility, Anesa Mattia and Alessandro Bressan

Submissions from 2023

More to life than promotion: Self-initiated and self-resigned career plateaus, Farveh Farivar and Mary Anthony


Audit firm executives under pressure: A discursive analysis of legitimisation and resistance to reform, Michael Harber, Warren Maroun, and Alan Duboisee de Ricquebourg

Can artificial intelligence (AI) manage behavioural biases among financial planners?, Mohammad Zahid Hasan, Daicy Vaz, Vidya S. Athota, Sop Sop Maturin Desire, and Vijay Pereira

Extra-curricular support for entrepreneurship among engineering students: Development of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and intentions, Deepa Subhadrammal, Martin Bliemel, Alessandro Bressan, and Helene de Burgh-Woodman

Submissions from 2022

Integrating tradition and innovation within a wine tourism and hospitality experience, Abel Duarte Alonso, Alessandro Bressan, Oanh Vu Thi Kim, Seng Kiat Kok, and Erhan Atay


Disputed interpretations and active strategies of resistance during an audit regulatory debate, Michael Harber, Grietjie Verhoef, and Charl de Villiers


The commercialist identity of mid-tier firm auditors: A precarious balancing of priorities, Michael Harber and Gizelle D. Willows

Submissions from 2021


Solar energy penetration and volatility transmission to electricity markets - An Australian perspective, Abdul Rashid Abban and Mohammad Z. Hasan


The role of tradition for food and wine producing firms in times of an unprecedented crisis, Alessandro Bressan, Abel Duarte Alonso, Oanh Thi Kim Vu, Lan Thi Ha Do, and Wil Martens


Audit quality implications of regulatory change in South Africa, Harina Ndaba, Michael Harber, and Warren Maroun

Submissions from 2020

COVID-19, aftermath, impacts, and hospitality firms: An international perspective, Abel D. Alonso, Seng Kiat Kok, Alessandro Bressan, Michelle O'Shea, Nikolaos Sakellarios, Alex Koresis, Maria S.B Solis, and Leonardo J. Santoni

Coronavirus and the curtailment of religious liberty, Mark Hill


The impact of psychological contract breaches within east-west buyer-supplier relationships, Russel P.J Kingshott, Piyush Sharma, Herbert Sima, and David Wong

Trending towards convergence, John Tretola


National culture and the gender diversity of corporate boards, Catherine Whelan and Sarah A. Humphries

Submissions from 2019


Reality checks for career women: An interpretevist paradigm, Mary Anthony and Werner Soontiens


Influence of personality traits and moral values on employee well-being, resilience and performance: A cross-national study, Vidya S. Athota, Pawan Budhwar, and Ashish Malik


An EEG study on emotional intelligence and advertising message effectiveness, Joseph Ciorciari, Jeffrey Pfeifer, and John Gountas

A neuroimaging study of personality traits and self-reflection, John Gountas

Transformation of the world order from unipolar system to a multipolar one: Some theoretical analyses, Mohammad Tarek Bin Rashid and Fazle Rabbi

The effect of economic and fundamental factors on the Australian property performance, Ramzi Tarazi and Mohammad Zahid Hasan

Submissions from 2018


Managing women's post retirement career in law enforcement organisations: Lessons from developed nations for emerging economies, Mary Anthony and Werner Soontiens


The failure of historians to engage with recent economic thought: The case of Millmow, Gregory C. Moore

Academic contrapower harassment (ACPH), and pedagogy for mental health through self-compassion: A conceptual paper, Sandra Waldon Pearson and Vidya S. Athota

Submissions from 2017


To punish first and reward second: Values determine how reward and punishment affect risk-taking behavior, V Sagar Athota, P O'Connor, and R Roberts


Non-financial disclosure and market-based firm performance: The initiation of financial inclusion, S Bose, A Saha, H Khan, and S Islam


Environmental advertising in China and the USA: the desire to go green, H de Burgh-Woodman

Religious discrimination in the English workplace: Balancing competing interests, Mark Hill

Corporate sustainability reporting on environmental issue: An assessment of CSR framework for Lever Brothers Bangladesh, S.M Zobaidul Kabir and Fazle Rabbi

Submissions from 2016

Australian individual decision styles, intuitive and rational decision making in business, C Cook and H Gonzales


A systematic review of quality of student experience in higher education, A Tan, B Muskat, and A Zehrer

Submissions from 2015


Contagion risk for Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions, Selim Akhter and Mohammad Zahidul Hasan


Understanding the relationships between tourists' emotional experiences, perceived overall image, satisfaction, and intention to recommend, G Prayag, S Hosany, B Muskat, and G Del Chiappa

Submissions from 2014

Homogeneity, “glocalism” or somewhere in between?: A literary interpretation of identity in the era of globalization, Hélène de Burgh

Submissions from 2013

David Hicks and Foucault’s Web of Power, Helen Fordham


Asymmetry and persistence of energy price volatility, Mohammad Zahid Hasan, Selim Akhter, and Fazle Rabbi


Macroeconomic impact of remittances and the Dutch Disease in a developing country, Fazle Rabbi, Mamta B. Chowdhury, and Mohammad Zahid Hasan

Submissions from 2012

Sustainability and the human/nature connection: a critical discourse analysis of being “symbolically” sustainable, Hélène de Burgh-Woodman and Dylan King

Friends and companions: Aspects of romantic love in Australian marriage, Helen Fordham

He saw it coming, Robert Leeson

Millmow on the Australian response to the 1930s depression, Gregory C G Moore

Attitude, secondary schools and student success in a tertiary mathematics unit, Luz C. Stenberg, Maria E. Varua, and Jackie Yong

Submissions from 2011

On Adam Smith's digression appended to his chapter on bounties in the wealth of nations: A window onto his approach to political economy, Michael B. Harvey-Phillips

The MONIAC updated for the era of permanent financial crisis, Robert Leeson

The effects of global trade liberalisation on forestry products using the GTAP model, Luz C. Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana

Submissions from 2010


Staff retention factors in the Not-for-profit sector: An examination of a Western Australian community organisation, Nurdan Colleran, David Gilchrist, and Charlotte Lucy Morris

Vista, vision and visual consumption from the Age of Enlightenment, Hélène de Burgh-Woodman and Janice Brace-Govan


Defending Marshall’s 'Masterpiece': Ralph Souter’s Critique of Robbins’ Essay, Anthony M. Endres and Mark Donoghue


Accountants’ Truth: Knowledge and Ethics in the Financial World by Matthew Gill [Book Review], David Gilchrist

Book review: David Oldroyd (2007). Estates, Enterprise and Investment at the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution: Estate management and accounting in the north-east of England, c.1700—1780. Aldershot: Ashgate, David Gilchrist


Governance in government, David Gilchrist


Turning blue sky into solid ground, David Gilchrist

Book Review: Gilles Dostaler, Keynes and His Battles, Sean Langcake and Robert Leeson

"Should sustainable consumption and production be a policy priority for developing countries and if so, what areas should they focus on?", Zhenling Liu, Serban Scrieciu, Leena Srivastava, Luis G. García-Montero, Gregory Borne, Xin Deng, Geurt van de Kerk, Norbert Wohlgemuth, Chiung Ting Chang, Matty Demont, Luz Stenberg, José Rafael Peña de la Cruz, Rudzani Makhado, and Kgabo Masehela

Placing Donald Winch's Wealth and Life in Context, Gregory C G Moore

Placing William Forster Lloyd in context, Gregory C G Moore and Michael V. White

The edge of legitimacy: Voluntary social and environmental reporting in Rothmans' 1956-1999 annual reports, Matthew V. Tilling and Carol A. Tilt

Submissions from 2009

Internships in marketing: Goals, structures and assessment – Student, company and academic perspectives, Frank Alpert, Joo-Gim Heaney, and Kerri-Ann L. Kuhn


Review of John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand, Mark Donoghue


Review of J.S.Mill Revisited: Biographical and Political Explorations, Mark Donoghue


Audit as an empowerment tool – How to take control of the audit process for pro-active board level leadership in NFPs, David Gilchrist

Not-for-profit reform - coming ready or not, David Gilchrist

The Anglo-Irish context for William Edward Hearn's economic beliefs and the ultimate failure of his Plutology, Gregory C G Moore


The economics of charity – Who cares?, Lucy Morris

Submissions from 2008

Sneakers and street culture: A postcolonial analysis of marginalized cultural consumption, Janice Brace-Govan and Hélène de Burgh-Woodman

Jargon as imagining: Barthes' semiotics and excavating subcultural communication, Hélène de Burgh-Woodman and Janice Brace-Govan


William Thomas Thornton’s family, ancestry, and early years: Some findings from recently discovered manuscripts and letters, Mark Donoghue


Devising and testing an instrument designed to mitigate the paradox between the traditional disconnected world and the evolution in collaborative ICT, Peter Gall


Evaluating organisational readiness for virtual collaboration, Peter Gall and Janice Burn


Evaluating virtual organisational preparedness, Peter Gall and Janice Burn


Early and often or too late and not enough?, Robert Leeson

`Aufklärung', freemasonry, the public sphere and the question of Enlightenment, Tim Mehigan and Hélène de Burgh

Book Review: Geoffrey Poitras (ed), Pioneers of Financial Economics, Vol. 1, Contributions Prior to Irving Fisher, Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar, 2006, Gregory C G Moore


Deforestation in the Philippines: An economic assessment of government policy responses, Luz C. Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana

Submissions from 2007

What's in a name? A comparative analysis of surf and snow brand personalities, Hélène de Burgh-Woodman and Jan Brace-Govan

We do not live to buy: Why subcultures are different from brand communities and the meaning for marketing discourse, Hélène de Burgh-Woodman and Janice Brace-Govan


The early economic writings of William Thomas Thornton, Mark Donoghue


Strategic alignment in the virtual organisation, Peter Gall and Janice Burn

Submissions from 2006


Measuring value creation in a virtual enterprise, Peter Gall and Janice Burn

The Cambridge Millites and the early economic writings of Leslie Stephen, Gregory C G Moore


Population growth and trade policies in the Philippines: A general equilibrium analysis, Luz C. Stenberg


Analysing the causes of deforestation in a CGE framework: The case of the Philippines, Luz C. Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana

Submissions from 2005

Book Review: Masters of Theory and its relevance to the history of economic thought, Gregory C G Moore

Evangelical aesthete: Ruskin and the public provision of art, Gregory C G Moore

Frank and fearless leadership: can it survive in the 'reformed' public service?, Christopher Williams

Submissions from 2004


William Thomas Thornton’s career at East India House: 1836–1880, Mark Donoghue

Popular youth attitudes to globalisation, Tanya Lyons and Matthew V. Tilling

Alas poor critical accounting, we knew him, Karl, Matthew V. Tilling and Carol A. Tilt

Submissions from 2003

John Neville Keynes's solution to the English Methodenstreit, Gregory C. Moore


One hundred years from today, Gregory C G Moore

Some Victorian reflections on a dictionary of women economists and the art of dictionary making, Gregory C G Moore

Submissions from 2002

Francis William Newman on Irish land tenure reform: a contribution to the "population question" in mid-Victorian England, Mark Donoghue

The Economic Writings of William Thomas Thornton: a review article, Mark Donoghue

William T. Thornton on the economics of trade unions: an early contribution to efficient bargaining theory, Mark Donoghue and Mark L J Wright

The Chicago counter-revolution and the sociology of economic knowledge, Robert Leeson

Selling plutology: correspondence relating to the failure of Australia's first economics text, Gregory C G Moore

Deforestation in the Philippines: a different perspective, Luz C. Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana

The dialectic of the university in times of revolution echoes of the Industrial Revolution?, Matthew V. Tilling

Submissions from 2001

Ray Petridis, HETSA and the revival of the history of economic thought, Paul Flatau and Robert Leeson