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Master of Arts (MA)

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Philosophy and Theology

First Supervisor

Dr Wayne Tinsey


This paper examines the dynamics involved in Christian community, paying particular attention to the pivotal role leadership plays in nurturing and sustaining the life of the community. It begins by analysing the human need for community if people are to fulfill their potential both individually and communally. Time is devoted to understanding Christian community from a Scriptural perspective and a caution is sounded not to envisage Christian community in purely mechanistic terms. The doctrine of the trinity of God is used as a lens to view vital characteristics in the life of a Christian community. The theology of leadership is explored and implications drawn for the exercise of Christian leadership today. The role of Christian communities in the ongoing work of building the Kingdom of God is considered in the light of the Gospel imperative to continue the work started by Jesus of Nazareth. A framework is offered to leaders in Catholic schools to assist them in the complex work of building school cultures and practices that incarnate their visions of the future. Finally, recommendations are made to support and develop leaders of Catholic schools in Western Australia.

A paper presented for the degree of Master of Arts in Theological Studies at the University of Notre Dame Australia, School of Theology

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