Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Philosophy (School of Philosophy and Theology)

First Supervisor

Dr Moira Debono

Second Supervisor

Dr Isabell Naumann


The contemporary context presents countless ideologies and conflicting views about what femininity is and what it is not. In particular, the modern pursuit of equality and autonomy has resulted in the perception of motherhood as inconvenient in some quarters or, worse yet, inconsequential. This thesis considers the question as whether or not motherhood is separable from womanhood, and if there is indeed any inherent value to motherhood. The intent of this thesis was to go beyond the variety of views of what motherhood is to the two primary female figures in Scripture – Eve and Mary - to discern what they revealed about the nature of motherhood, and to then apply said conclusions into the contemporary context. In doing so, it will become evident that motherhood is indeed an essential part of who woman is. The living out of her vocation to motherhood in the various spheres of her life is thus the means by which woman discovers herself and reaches her potential as a human person. This study on the nature of motherhood contributes to the wider theological discussion of what womanhood is and how woman is called to practically live out her faith today.

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Religion Commons