Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (College of Business)

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First Supervisor

Professor Helene de Burgh-Woodman

Second Supervisor

Doctor Sagar Athota


There has been considerable research on identifying the antecedents of creativity and the determinants of organisational creativity, but researchers are yet to develop an effective model for managing creativity within a traditional hierarchical management structure. It has been suggested that using the Socratic Method to create a learning environment within an organisation is a way to foster creativity in an uncertain environment. In this context the Socratic Method is defined as a directed questioning technique to encourage critical thinking. This thesis proposes that taking a Socratic approach to champion creativity enables management to increase creativity in their teams. It also reviews the relevant literature to test support for this assumption through the use of a grounded theory approach to propose and empirically test a model to manage a Socratic dialogue in a team environment. This thesis includes implications for theory and practice.

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Business Commons