Date of Award


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Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Schools and Centres

Philosophy and Theology

First Supervisor

Dr Marc Fellman

Second Supervisor

Dr. Jeff Gauthier


Interpreting Friedrich Nietzsche’s unorthodox conception of friendship is the focus of the following dissertation. In couching his conception of friendship within his naturalistic philosophy of the human person and his morality, I aim to establish the central importance of friendship in Nietzsche’s philosophy. An equally important second aim is to demonstrate how Nietzsche’s philosophy of friendship is distinctly constructive in contrast to other aspects of his philosophy. These aims are addressed in three chapters: in the first chapter I examine how Nietzsche discusses friendship in his works, in what tone he discusses friendship, and I will briefly discuss how his conception friendship might have been influenced by his own friendships. In the second chapter I describe Nietzsche’s friendship, demonstrating how his friendship relates to other aspects of his philosophy, including his naturalistic world-conception and his philosophy of the human person. In the final chapter I discuss how Nietzsche’s understanding of friendship is implicitly moral and how his positive interpretation of friendship is distinctly constructive in contrast to his criticisms of morality.

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Philosophy Commons