Date of Award


Degree Name

Masters of Medicine and Surgery

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First Supervisor

Dr. David Dillon

Second Supervisor

Professor George L. Mendz


Background: Early enlocation of dislocated cervical facets is important to minimize long term neurological deficit.

Aims: To assess impact of delay in enlocation on clinical outcome in patients with facet dislocations and propose a scheme for enlocation for rural patients who usually have longer enlocation times.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of consecutive cervical spine facet joint dislocations presenting to Royal Perth Hospital from January 2009 to November 2012 was carried out to assess factors affecting final neurological outcome (ASIA score) at discharge.

Results: A total of 51 patients were included in the study. More patients in the urban group had higher final ASIA score than in the rural group. Strong correlation in both the urban and rural populations were found between enlocation time final ASIA score

Conclusion: Enlocation through closed reduction should be done as early as possible at local centres for awake rural patients having dislocated cervical facets.