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Christian art has been an integral part of faith and worship for almost two millennia. Is that because the human need to express mystery is captured most fully through our creative processes, or is it because the presence of God within us can surface into the conscious realm most effectively through the creation of beauty? While this might be an impossible question to answer, it also could be the vehicle for examining an understanding of the importance of the connection between God and all that is beautiful. ‘Art demonstrates spiritual facts such as peace, depth, intensity, and so on. Thus art lends form, colour, tension and proportion to the invisible. It harnesses awe and leads dawning comprehension to active creativity.’ Through such creative activity Christians have made visible the reality of God incarnate.

Christians are ‘people of the book’ because of the profound degree of sacredness of the Scriptures and the depth of understanding of Christ as Logos, the Word of God. However, throughout our history the expression of these texts through visual art has led us to a greater depth of understanding of our image of God.

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