Pacifism—Not Passivism

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For many people in Australia, the label 'peace acitivist' continues to be a pejorative term used to describe 'left-wing radicals' with nothing better to do than protest at any venue that will attract media attention. At the same time Christian pacifists are understood as religious fanatics unable to protect themselves from harm and unwilling to respond against injustice forced upon others. This popular image is given added weight by media outlets that portray political 'peace' activists as violent revolutionaries and religious pacifists as passive bystanders. However, neither of these images comes close to describing the true nature of political peace activists or religious pacifists. This article, whilst taking the opportunity to challenge the view Australians have of peace activism in general, primarily seeks to elucidate the diversity amongs Christian pacifists, with particular emphasis on the Menonite tradition within the Peace Church heritage.

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