These timelines focus attention on the use of the vernacular in the Roman Rite, especially developed in the Renewal and Reform of the Second Vatican Council. The extensive timelines have been broken into ten stages, drawing attention to a number of periods and reasons in the history of those eras for the unique experience of vernacular liturgy and the issues connected with it in the Western Catholic Church of our time.

The role and function of International Committee of English in the Liturgy (ICEL) over its forty year existence still has a major impact on the way we worship in English. This article deals with the restructuring of ICEL which had been the centre of much controversy in recent years and now operates under different protocols.

Pastoral Liturgy is published by the University of Notre Dame Australia, School of Philosophy and Theology, Fremantle.


Peer-reviewed, Vernacular Liturgy, Pastoral vision of the Second Vatican Council, Roman Policy of a single translation for each language, International Committee of English in the Liturgy (ICEL), Translations of Latin Texts

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