History's Political correctness - When I was a foundation student at CBC Albany in 1955 the history text book we used was called 'Australia Since 1606'. In retrospect, it seems odd that not all of this book was set as the curriculum for the 1957 Junior Certificate (Year 10) Public Exam in Australian History. as the result of the foibles of priority given to public exams, our study started only with Chapter 3 about the voyage of Captain James Cook and the eventual plans for a Convict Colony at Botany Bay. Chapter 2 was not taught, recommended or even mentioned. Yet, it was all about the Papal Demarcation Lines determined by Alexander VI in 1493 and 1497 and reinforced as International Law by the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494. This had come about because of disputes emerging between the relative claims of Portugal and Spain as to which Catholic power was in ascendancy and claimed the right of evangelising in newly discovered areas (called 'Ius Patronatus').

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