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Speaking for myself personally'... awareness of self, of God, of others


Language is intriguing. Take the comment above. Am I repeating myself or emphasising a point? Can I turn it around and say 'speaking for myself impersonally'? Unwittingly, our language can say more than we intend. How I speak about myself reflects how [ am aware of myself. But, then, what is meant by one's 'self'? Is our experience of the self in 2002 the same as someone in 1002 or in 102 CE? These are the sorts of issues triggered by the above four words. This article will explore some of those aspects of the self under three headings:

1. Is self-awareness the same as either self-knowledge or of knowledge about the self?

2. How is awareness of the Other (God) related to awareness of others and of the self?

3. Do these questions and the ensuing discussion have any relevance today?



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