Principles of Information Systems

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Spring 2010


Today, information systems (IS) are used for business processes from communications to order processing and number crunching, and in business functions ranging from marketing to human resource management, accounting, and finance. Regardless of your future occupation, the chances are that you will need to understand what IS can and cannot do and be able to use IS to help you accomplish your work. You will be expected to suggest new uses of IS and participate in the design of solutions to business problems employing IS. You will be challenged to identify and evaluate IS options. To be successful, you must be able to view IS in terms of business and organisational needs.

For your solutions to be accepted, you must identify and address their impact on fellow workers. For these reasons, a course in IS is essential for business students in today’s high-tech world. Our primary objective with this text is to develop the best IS text and accompanying materials for the IS university courses required by business students. We present IS concepts that every business student must learn in order to be successful. This text has been written specifically for the IS curriculum, and it discusses IT and IS concepts in a business context with a strong managerial emphasis.

ISBN: 9780170188456


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